Free money blockages clearing

Money clearing blockages

Powerful Money Blockages Clearing

Did you know your money blocks are not even yours?

We pick up patterns from our parents, and in our very DNA from our ancestors. We pick up patterns from society, culture and religion. Scientific research has proven that our beliefs are inherited from up to 21 generations back!! That’s over 600 years ago.

I was born in communist Poland. My ancestors got invaded from all sides for hundreds of years. Poland lost much of its wealth to neighbouring countries.Your country may have experienced something similar, as every nation has experienced war and conflict. I have been clearing my beliefs that come from religion, land, ancestors, society for years. I would love to inspire you to do the same.

So why is this important to you?

By knowing your nation’s history, you can begin to unpick the money stories your parents told you. Like;

  • “Rich people are greedy”
  • “It’s not safe to have money”
  • “If I have more money people will judge me”
  • “I need to work hard for money”
  • “I need to work hard to be successful”
  • “I am scared to be successful”
  • “If I am successful and have a lot of money, I will be attacked”
  • “Money does not come easy”
  • “I do not trust myself”
  • “I do not deserve to have more money”
  • “I do not know how to manage money”
  • “I have to hide my money from others”
  • “If I have money, the government will take it”
  • “Enemies will take my land / property”
  • “My borders / boundaries are unprotected”
  • “I am never safe”
  • “It’s dangerous to be visible”

Are you ready to release these programs?

Join me on Free Money blockages clearing live calls that take place 11th July at 4pm UK time/ 11am EST time.


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Money Blockages Clearing
Feel deserving of having money

“Watch your thoughts for they become words, Watch your words for they become actions, Watch your actions, for they become habits, Watch your habits for they become your character, Watch your character for it becomes your destiny.”

Beliefs are the foundation of our personality; they are what we use to define ourselves. This means that our ability to create a successful, sustainable business and lifestyle depends on our beliefs, which directly influence our behavior. If your mindset is fraught with limiting beliefs, you will struggle to build your business and create the lifestyle you want. On the other hand, if your mindset is nourished by enhancing beliefs, building your dream business will be much, much easier.

That’s why it’s crucial for us to keep our beliefs positive and focused on what we do want, not what we don’t want. Our beliefs are directly related to our actions. This means that if we have confidence in ourselves and if we have a number of strong beliefs about our ability to create a success, then we’re more likely to take the necessary actions to make that successful business become a reality. On the other hand, if our minds are fraught with limiting beliefs, we’re likely to procrastinate more, hiding from the actions that will put us out there, make us visible, feeling worthy of having money.


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Karolina is a master at re-aligning you to your highest truth and your highest health. QUICKLY! I LOVE working with her! What would have taken me years to heal takes only one delicious session. It’s a pleasure to be in her sessions to witness a master gracefully and powerfully activating you to ascend. Her sessions are full of joy and gentleness and humility. I’m so glad I booked a package of sessions – it’s the only way to go for those who are serious about their wellbeing. I highly recommend Karolina to everyone – and I don’t say that lightly. Thank you Karolina for your brilliance. To have a master wrapped up in the kindest human is incredible. – Kate

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