Advance Remote Healing Sessions

If you’ve been experiencing a lot of unusual energies, sudden body pains, frequent headaches, a general feeling of being off, increased irritability, difficulty sleeping, or heightened anxiety and fear, these signs may not always be due to physical or emotional causes alone.

They could also be related to energetic or multi-dimensional aspects.


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Advance Remote Sessions

If you’ve been experiencing a lot of unusual energies, sudden body pains, frequent headaches, a general feeling of being off, increased irritability, difficulty sleeping, or heightened anxiety and fear, these signs may not always be due to physical or emotional causes alone.

They could also be related to energetic or multi-dimensional aspects.

What does this mean? It means that if you have a spiritual attachment that is feeding off your life force and energy, you may experience a lack of motivation, diminished self-belief, exhaustion, and drained energy. The way these manifestations present themselves can vary from person to person, targeting their individual weak points. Personally, when I have an energetic interference, I either feel a sudden loss of energy or an increase in anxiety and fear. I can differentiate between the anxiety caused by personal issues and the anxiety that arises from external interference. The latter has a distinct feeling in my body.

The same goes for my partner, who experiences headaches associated with interference. The headaches caused by interference feel different from those resulting from lack of sleep, for example. It’s essential to learn how these interferences manifest in our bodies. Sometimes, it’s a clear indication that we need more rest or certain nutrients, while at other times, it signifies interference in our energetic field.

I understand that some of what I’m sharing may sound unbelievable to you. You may not be ready to accept this information right now, and that’s perfectly fine. However, it’s crucial to recognize that these interferences genuinely affect us. You can physically and emotionally sense their presence. For instance, you may suddenly experience sharp, unexplained pains that are unrelated to sitting incorrectly. I recall a healing session where I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder blades. I knew it was interference, not a physical issue. After completing the session and clearing the interference, the pain immediately vanished. It turned out there were energetic implants in my system.

Let me give you an example related to my partner. As I mentioned before, he would often experience energy depletion and constant fatigue. Initially, we attributed it to neglecting his body’s needs before his awakening. It was true; he had to pay the price and learn to take better care of himself. We engaged in various healing practices, sought assistance from different healers while we were traveling in Asia. However, nothing seemed to work until we met someone who shared the same insights I’m sharing with you now. They told us about advanced courses they offered, revealing that my partner had been cursed to lose a significant amount of his energy, which couldn’t be recovered. After clearing these courses and protecting his energy, he returned to his normal self within a matter of days. This experience opened our eyes to the multi-dimensional world and the reality of these phenomena.

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Type of the sessions

Experience transformative metaphysical advance remote healing sessions for holistic well-being.

Our healing and clearing sessions release imbalances and negative energies. Shield yourself from negativity and psychic attacks with our protective techniques. Ignite personal growth and expanded consciousness through tailored enhancements. Our specialized service addresses threats using energetic tools, removing enemies and restoring peace.

Embark on a journey of empowerment and fulfillment with our unique metaphysical offerings.


Healing and Clearing


Protection and shielding




Removing Enemies with Etheric Weapons

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Healing and Clearing

This service focuses on restoring balance and well-being by addressing physical, emotional, and energetic imbalances. With clearing of negative energies this service aims to help individuals heal, release blockages, and find inner harmony.

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Protection and Shielding

This service provides a shield of energetic protection to safeguard individuals from negative influences, harmful energies, and psychic attacks. This service aims to enhance their personal safety, a sense of security, and maintain energetic integrity..

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This service offers a range of techniques and practices aimed at enhancing personal growth, self-development, and spiritual evolution. It may include modalities to promote empowerment, clarity, and expansion of consciousness.


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Healing and clearing

This option addresses issues like spirit attachments, energy drains, and various types of attacks. The process may include soul retrieval and bringing back any lost energy.

Protection and shielding

With this option, we scan your energy field for cracks or openings that can allow interference. By closing these gaps, we offer advanced protection against black magic.


Option three focuses on scanning for blockages related to money, love, and emotions. We can balance your meridians and emotions and clear any blockages.

Package of three sessions

Package offer a combination of clearings, healings, protections, and enhancements from different consciousness levels. Offered with 20% discount.

Monthly Subscription PACKAGE of Advance Remote Session

We offer a monthly clearing and protection service, where we regularly scan your field and address specific needs to ensure ongoing energetic balance and support.


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Explore our diverse range of offerings tailored to address your unique energy field and elevate your overall well-being.

In the informative video above, we provide detailed explanations of each specific offer, including the comprehensive inclusions and how they can benefit you.

Delve into the option that deeply resonates with your needs and aspirations, initiating a profound journey of energetic healing and transformation.

For additional details or to discuss your specific requirements, we warmly encourage you to reach out to us. Your journey towards holistic wellness begins here.

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“I cannot recommend the monthly clearing and protection service enough. It has become an essential part of my self-care routine. Each month, I receive a powerful healing that keeps me aligned and focused on my goals. It’s like having a personal energetic support system. Absolutely worth it!”

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Kora M.

“The protection and shielding offered by this service have been a game-changer for me. I feel safer and more secure, knowing that my energy field is being safeguarded. It has brought a sense of peace and tranquility into my life. Thank you!”

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Miranda H.

“I was amazed by the results I experienced with the healing and clearing option. It felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders, and I regained a sense of balance and vitality. I highly recommend this transformative service!”

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Lisa S.

“Choose the path of healing, protection, and enhancements to step into your true power. Take control of your energy and transform your life.”