Do you feel separated from your divine feminine medicine?

By healing the separation between your physical and spiritual self and honouring the beautiful synergy that exists within your body and soul, you will rediscover the connection to your divine feminine medicine.

You will realise that you are your own healer, blessed with your own unique ability to heal. When you give yourself the time, care and energy, you will be able to apply these healing practices to yourself.


Have you lost your connection to your sacred power and feel that you need to heal?

Physical and emotional trauma make it difficult to feel connected to your sacred power. When you work towards self-empowerment and loving acceptance of who you are, you will become stronger and more skillful at noticing and healing the imbalances in your connection to this divine power that exists within you.

Do you feel fragmented at the soul level and have a strong desire to reconnect with your higher self?

We are all spiritual beings experiencing a temporary physical reality. Igniting the quality of self love is a powerful medicine for healing your soul and making it whole again. When you start to heal your fragmented soul, you will activate the divine feminine within you, allowing you to tune into your higher self and align with your feelings and intuition.


karolina blaszkiewicz program1

Do you have
a strong intuitive desire to:

  • Free yourself from the disappointments of your past.
  • Clear the emotional baggage and return your heart to a place of love.
  • Become the confident and empowered woman you’ve always dreamed you’d become.
  • Learn how to attract what you truly desire with your pure high consciousness and feminine energy.
  • Claim your sovereignty and true inner freedom.

If so, then the program below is for you.
Once enrolled, you will embark on a
spiritual journey to:

  • Reclaim the embodiment of your divine feminine energy.
  • Experience your true feminine power by reconnecting with your inherent wisdom, intuition and creativity.
  • Achieve spiritual alignment and flow.
  • Ascend to higher states of consciousness and awareness.
  • Become the confident, feminine and vital woman you were born to be, able to trust and love yourself unconditionally.

Nothing matters more than creating a life lived in soul alignment


A Mystical Journey to Reclaim the Embodiment

of Your Divine Feminine Wisdom and Power

This program is about your awakening to the inherent sacredness of your feminine energy and wisdom. I help you by blending together powerful healing and transformative methods and techniques, gathered from many ancient and sacred healing traditions, ones that I used to heal and ascend myself.

Mystical Journey into Karolina Blaszkiewicz

The program is delivered using a mix of live calls, pre-recorded videos & PDFs. Each contains powerful teachings and practices that will allow you to explore, reflect, and embody the new version of yours. There are also fun weekly challenges to keep you accountable and record your progress.

Homework Assignments
Every two weeks, you’ll get a homework assignment that will reinforce what you’ve learned. This will allow you to continue to develop into the magnificent and beautiful manifestation of pure feminine energy that you are.

Live Calls
You will be able to attend a total of 18 hrs of live calls. During these calls you will partake in a powerful energy healing and embodiment practice that will break down your emotional blocks and limiting beliefs, replacing them with positive and empowering ones.

Downloadable Material
You will also have access to all the conscious feminine medicine teachings and somatic embodied meditations.

Additional Support
You’ll be added to a community group when you enrol. This is an excellent way to share experiences, knowledge and support. It also helps keep everyone motivated and accountable, which is so important for your success.

If YOU are Attracted by my life-transforming Mystical Journey Program… 


And you have any questions you’d like answers to about it. (Example; “I’d love to participate, but…)

Then I warmly invite you to schedule a casual coffee chat with me. It is a short, loving call via Zoom that you can schedule easily at a time that suits you, by clicking the button below.I’m looking forward to connecting with you, beautiful soul!

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“It is time to follow the flow of this wisdom within you; to come home to the remembrance that you are wise, you are powerful, and you are love.”

Here’s what ladies are saying 

“Wow, it was simply amazing! Karolina is the master of all masters in getting women together and connecting with their true inner self.
She brings such joy, grace, honesty and definitely harmony in these workshops as well as her loving heart.  I feel I am in charge of my own femininity as well as owning it, because it belongs to me. I can stand up with courage and say ” I am Samira” with pride and empowerment.”
– Samira
Samira KB Testimonial

Here’s what you’ll learn

This programme is split into weekly transformations that take you on a journey of healing, connection and ascension

Women circle

01 Transform you lower chakra energies

This month is about healing your lower emotional trauma such as guilt, shame and associations with your survival. This clears your energy flow and enables you to raise your vibration. You will learn to:
  • Alchemise your lower emotions
  • Heal your mother wound
  • Clarify your intentions
Women circle

02 Transformation of Self-Sabotaging Patterns

This month you will learn to identify and remove the self-sabotaging beliefs and patterns of behaviour that have plagued you your entire life. Common sabotaging beliefs and patterns that you can heal are around money, relationships and self-worth. You will learn to:
  • Uncover these mental and spiritual blockages that cause your belief and patterns of behaviour.
  • Empowerment practices to replace the old beliefs with new more self fulfilling ones.
  • Healing boundaries so you can protect yourself physically, spiritually and emotionally.
Women circle

03 Connect to Sacred Energies

This month is about your connection to the sacred energies of the divine feminine and womb. You will learn how to feel these subtle energies and how to align yourself to them so you can develop your feminine intuition and wisdom. You will learn to:
  • Master your breath as a means of opening up to receive the energy.
  • Become an alchemist so you can tap into the energies and let them flow through you.
  • Synchronise these subtle energies so they work in harmony though you.
Women circle

04 Deepen Your Connecting to your Shakti

Shakti is the Universal Mother energy in the universe. This month you will understand and access the shakti energy, power and creativity within yourself to:
  • Connect to your sensual healing energy so you can heal yourself.
  • Activate your sensuality and deepen your connection with your divine feminine energy.
  • Enhance your female intuition and wisdom
Women circle

05 Coming into Lucidity

This month is about developing your conscious awareness of the world around you, both physically and energetically. You will learn to:
  • Live consciously by becoming acutely aware of everything around you and within you.
  • Further develop your connection to your divine feminine energy.
  • Develop your intuitive discernment in the physical and mystical realms.
Women circle

06 Manifestation+

In this final month you will bring together everything you’ve learned and developed over the past 5 months, to become the embodiment of your divine feminine energy. You will learn to:
  • Finally achieve alignment to your true self, not your ego or false beliefs.
  • Fully surrender and trust in your embodiment of the divine feminine energy within you.
  • Say “yes” to love and abundance of all kinds.

To sum it all up, this program will transform your life

My goal is to help as many women as I can and I don’t want to make the price an obstacle.
Over the years, I’ve personally spent thousands of dollars and many hours reading, studying and learning from inspiring teachers all over the world.
I don’t want you to have to spend all the money, time and effort that I did. So, I’ve picked and compiled the techniques and insights in this course because they are the quickest and most effective way for you to achieve all that you want to achieve.
What I have found though, is that those who can make decisions and act quickly are the most likely to get the best results.

DATES of the Calls

IMPORTANT: It is required to attend live calls! This is where we create space for  transformation.

Mark your calendar.

Group sessions –  9.30am to 12pm EST / 3:30pm to 6pm CET


Women’s circle – 10am to 11.30am EST / 4pm to 5:30pm CET


Apply NOW for


7x Live group embodiment sessions


2x Women Circle Calls


Access to members-only community group


9 hours of 1-1 quantum healing


Access to modules of transformative teachings

Karolina Blaszkiewicz Awakening the souls light 62

My personal guarantee to you

I know making a decision like this isn’t easy. You have a ton of things already going on, do you really want to spend time and money on this? Is it going to work?

I’ve found myself in similar situations and asked myself these questions too. And no, it hasn’t always paid off, but you know what, in the end, I’m grateful for every time that I took the leap of faith and did something that helped me become a happier woman.

So here’s my personal guarantee to you:

“I promise you that I will give you my best during this course and that it will be worth the time and money you invest. I promise to support you and help you wherever I can.”

But you must take it seriously and do the work. I can’t promise you will heal every wound during this program. Or, that you will claim your sovereignty . No program in the world could make a promise like that.

However, if you put in the work and the effort, you will learn how to transform yourself, your relationships and your life. You will gain clarity about what’s best for you.

I will help you step into your greatness, awaken your goddess and manifest with feminine power so that you become the woman that you always wanted to become. A woman who can create the fulfilling life that you deserve, without compromising who you are.

Frequently asked questions

When are the live coaching calls, and what if I can't make it?

The  live calls with me will take place on Saturdays or Sundays, the time will be confirmed. The details will be sent by email so everyone will be able to lock in the time. Every session will be recorded for those who can’t be present. However, to make the best use of the program, it is required to attend all live calls, as that’s where the real breakthroughs will happen.

When does the program begin and end?

The timing of the upcoming Mysticla Journey Program will be announced.

Do I keep access to the content and course materials?

You get 12 month’s access to all content and materials.

How much live support is given on this program?

Tremendous amounts, if you show up and use it. You receive 6 live video calls focused on energy clearing and interactive coaching during the program, embodiment practices, healing. Also, you’ll find support on the private group from your fellow sisters, and myself.

How do I know when I am ready for something like this?

It starts with trusting yourself and your intuition. Step up and claim it – and don’t do it with fear or anxiety. For once, do it with clarity and joy. Trust yourself! One is never ready for the things that can truly transform our lives, but you don’t have to be. All you need to know is that you want something better than you have now.

What can I expect from the program?

I do not give any guarantees. Nobody can promise you that you will fully transform. However, I want you to know that many of my clients become more confident, equipped with many tools that help them to deal with any situation in life easier and smoother that ever before in their life. They are happier, feel whole and confident. I promise you that I will give my best during this program and that you will learn how to transform yourself, your relationship, and your life that you will gain clarity about what’s best for you. I will guide you, and if you are motivated and do the work, even the sky is not the limit.

Do you have a refund policy?

If during the first week, you feel that this course isn’t for you and no longer wish to continue, then I will give you your money back or we can exchange for one on one sessions accordingly.

What if I would like private 1-on-1 support from Karolina?

You can reach out to me directly at I highly recommend having 1-on-1 coaching (subject to availability) in addition to the online program, as we can go much deeper with individual sessions. Please note that I only take a handful of private clients each year.

Hey there,

It’s nice to meet you!

I’ve been exactly where you are now. I’ve had more than my fair share of soul-crushing setbacks and traumas. All this left me with low self-esteem and living in a constant state of anxiety.

I’ve been learning and practicing powerful inner work and transformation for many years. I have learned to stop my old stories and patterns from holding me back. I’ve become the person that I was truly meant to be.

I’m on a mission to help women like you reclaim your feminine power and consciousness. I want to help free you so you can grow and fall in love with yourself all over again.

I am more than just a coach, I am a healer with the intuition and capacity to tune in to your inner fears and conflicts. I will help you shine your beautiful healing light on them so they will never again hold you back and shape your destiny.

I not only listen, but I truly hear you, and give you the space and support you need to undergo this life-changing transformation into the fantastic, empowered, and loving person that you are.

Here’s what women are saying 

sara KB Testimonial

I am so grateful for what she does…
I felt safe opening up and it was an environment of complete support and no judgment. Thank you karolina for all that you do, I am forever transformed!”
– Sara

“There’s all these things I want to say, yet no words at the same time, because I don’t think anything I could say could convey what I was feeling as it was going on…
when we did the journey in the cave it’s like I really wanted to be there, like I want a community of women… coming together… sisterhood…  Karolina, what you do is incredible… I just feel so much gratitude right now… it woke things up in me and gave me so Much confidence…  how I feel right now is just like I could take over the world and that’s it, I don’t think i’ve ever felt that way.” 
– Sara Hassanzadeh
Sara H KB Testimonial