Awakening The Soul's Light.

Karolina Blaszkiewicz

Spiritual healer and conduit for Divine Energy. Facilitator of spiritual growth and ascension. Mentor and teacher.

I run transformational workshops and retreats, 1-2-1 healing and ascension sessions plus Womens’ Circle events, both online and offline.


My journey of awakening started shortly after my whole world collapsed.

In 2011, I suffered the greatest loss of my life. My father, my beloved grandmother and my cherished brother all died within a few months of each other. Unable to process the sheer weight of loss, I spent months saturated with an overwhelming level of grief and pain. I was completely broken and something inside me had died.

On one particular day, I made a decision that changed the path of my life forever. I decided that I’d had enough of suffering, enough of simply surviving, enough of the emptiness. I was in so much pain that it pushed me to want to heal my entire life. So I asked for help, and two weeks later I met my first spiritual teacher. She planted the seeds in me that blossomed into a new way of being and set me off on a path of enlightenment.

It was a bumpy ride during those early years and I suffered many set-backs. So, I started reflecting on my past. I discovered that I still had many subconscious beliefs that were holding me back in all areas of my life. Everything changed for me once I made the decision to face up to these patterns and beliefs and start to change them.

This was the turning point for me. I realised there was more to life. I started to wake up. I had an epiphany. I realised that to live up to my true potential, I had to embrace the divine feminine energy within me and harness the abundant nature of the universe.

Since then, my journey of ascension has exploded. I have studied, and continue to study with many teachers from different parts of the world, including Thailand, Bali, the UK, USA, Australia and Europe. Each one brought me new teachings, new realisations and enlightenments that helped me accelerate my journey of ascension. My connection to the divine feminine is so strong that my intuition and ability to channel divine energy has enabled me to heal countless women around the world and help them progress on their own journeys to explore new levels of consciousness.

When I look at myself in the mirror today, I see a completely different woman from the person I used to be. Now, some 11 years later, I have changed my reality. I’ve transformed every aspect of my life and consciousness. Healing old wounds and making peace with my past has allowed my life to flourish in ways I had always dreamed of and cleared the way for my consciousness to expand, unblocked and unhindered.


I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to use my knowledge, experience and intuition to help other women reconnect with themselves so they can open up to more love and transform their lives. I feel privileged to be able to guide and facilitate women on their ascension journeys.


When I facilitate a healing session, I act as a conduit, or the vessel, for divine energy. It works through me so you can heal your past physical, mental and emotional traumas, including those acquired during childhood, that you’ve carried with you your entire life. Typical healing involves:

  • Healing physical shock and trauma in the body,
  • Clearing blocked energy in the subtle bodies and chakras,
  • Restoring physical, mental and emotional imbalances,
  • Transmuting blocked or stuck energy in the organs and glands,
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Once you’ve healed your body, it’s time to work on your spirit and heal your soul. Unfortunately, throughout our life we get disconnected from the true essence of ourselves, we end up living our lives from a place of self-doubt, listening to our inner critic and influenced by external fears and limitations.

When I facilitate a clearing session, divine energy works through me so your heart and soul are in the driver’s seat rather than your ego, which is driven by fear. It’s an energetic shift that allows you to tap into your inner guidance with clarity and clear all the spiritual blocks to your ascension, these may include:

  • Cleansing your soul records and soul programmes
  • Inherited ancestral patternings
  • Unresolved past life issues
  • Hidden ego agendas, sabotages and conflicts
  • Fear programs
  • Interference energies including entities
  • Genetically encoded imprints
  • Judgements and negative beliefs


Once you’ve released and cleared everything that’s holding you back from living your true purpose, you’re free to:

  • Discover your connection with the divine feminine energy that exists within you,
  • Fully unlock your true nature, gifts and abilities so you can become truly empowered,
  • Embark on a journey of enlightenment and ascension where you can take your consciousness to the next level.