Are You Still Waiting For Love?

Are you still single

Love is the most beautiful experience we can have.

It gives us a feeling of contentment and excitement. It makes us smile and dance for no reason. Love teaches us many aspects like kindness, compassion, tenderness, acceptance, tolerance, understanding, wisdom and courage.

However, there are many people who are missing on deep love.

You may be one of them? Perhaps it is because you are single and are still looking for the ‘one.’? Or maybe you feel lonely even though you are in a relationship?

Many people come for healing because they are after love.


1. Corrupted Love Patterns:

If you were born into a family that did not have a healthy understanding of love. There is a high probability that you will have a corrupted or distorted understanding of what it is. For example, if your parents fought and argued often, then you would have received the message that love is filled with tension, arguments or pain. If your mother abounded or neglected you, then you would receive the belief that love always leaves.

Or perhaps you experienced a partner who ‘loved’ you so much that he/she became possessive and jealous and left you feeling unsafe, controlled or suffocated in love. Many of the distorted love beliefs are formed early on in life and we take them on as ‘normal’ because we have nothing to compare it to. It is only when adulthood comes around and we find ourselves in toxic and unhealthy relationships and are forced to heal so we don’t continue the distorted patterns”.

What corrupted love patterns did your family pass on to you?

What programs do you run- I am not lovable? I am not safe? Love is pain?


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2.Not enough love:

The other very common issue I find is that there was simply not enough love in the family while growing up. Perhaps the father spent too much time at work, or the mother was cold and could not show affection. Some children went to boarding school and other children were raised by television. All these situations create loneliness and isolation patterns within. In the worst cases, they stop one from understanding how love can be created and shared. Love is a force that is so large that it needs to be shared and expressed through words, actions, touch, hugs, and kisses. For us to feel completely loved we need to experience all forms of it, not just one”.

What forms of love do you feel missing from your life the most? Touch? Words? Actions? Cuddles? 

What programs do you run on a subconscious level? I am not good enough? I do not belong? I am alone?



3. Still energetically connected to past relationships:

Although a relationship can technically finish, many still emotionally or energetically hang on to past relationships. Maybe because you felt unfairly treated, were rejected or enjoy the illusion they that they will return.

Whatever your story maybe, one thing is for sure anytime we are in a relationship with someone we share our body, minds, and soul with them. In this exchange, we mesh with them, and if the relationship ends we can be left feeling confused or anxious without them.

For some, it is because they did not maintain their individuality and during the relationship gave themselves away. For others, it is because they are trying to hang on to what is no longer there. The problem with both of these scenarios is that it energetically reads as though you are still in a relationship and this makes it difficult for new love to manifest”.

Are there any past relationships that you are still connected to? Maybe your womb-heart connection needs to be healed?

What programs do you run?

I am rejected, I do not trust man/women, I do not deserve meeting my soul mate?


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4. Unable to be own soul mate:

Lastly and most importantly, in order for you to experience true love, you must be your own soul mate. This means that you are able to love yourself more than anyone else can. It means that you honor and respect yourself so much that you become your own best friend.

To expect someone else to complete you is a recipe for disaster. True love can only manifest when both parties overflow with so much self love that it pours into the other. When you are your own soul mate you are not looking for someone to fill you instead, you allow them to raise you into a greater experience of love”.

Are you your own soul mate? 

What programs do you run on a subconscious level? I do not trust men, I am rejected by man, I do not love myself? Men are controlling?  I do not accept myself? I reject myself? I blame myself?

All of the above was my foundation to change every aspect of my life. I attracted my fiance after a few months of working on these 4 points which I described above. After a few months together we started traveling together, working together and after 17 months of being together, we got engaged.

I work with women from different part of the world and I see all the time the same thing over and over again. I wrote this blog to help you to understand why women struggle to find love or attract the right person.Imagine yourself in few months how you and your life can change. 

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