Removing anxiety from your life and how to stop negative thoughts

How to stop negative thoughts

How often have you felt like you cannot stop thinking negative?

How do I handle the fear that I’m feeling? 

In this video, I share a technique on how to manage fearful thoughts and how to removing anxiety from your life. It could be fear about losing our job, money, getting sick, or the fear of something happening to a loved one.

When we’re feeling something is off, or energetically heavy, most of the time what we’re picking up on may not be our own thoughts or feelings. It can be many things; fear that’s been inflicted onto us by society, our mothers, fathers, teachers and especially when we were children. Often we carry the programming of others for years without even realising. 

As explained in the video, keep asking yourself the question “Who does this belong to?” 

Who does this belong to?
Ask yourself who does this belong to?

By bringing awareness to the thoughts and realising who they come from can quickly shift your perspective and how you feel and you now have the opportunity to cut the energetic cord with that person. It is a very powerful exercise to do! Many of my clients have experienced instant relief using this method. 

Staying present means staying here – right here. To keep observing your thoughts, whether they are related to the past or future is crucial. This only leads to potential anxiety and negative thinking. There is only now. 

Stop wasting energy on worrying and start thinking about what you can do right now to feel good, to be creative. How can you expand? What do you really want?

removing anxiety from your life
Change focus and do what you love.

Maybe it is time to just be. Be silent, write or read that book. Maybe it is time to be present with your children or start painting again.

Another powerful way to stop thoughts is to focus on the breath. Breathing and change are the only constants in life and being present starts with the breath. Right now, stop and simply take a deep breath in and slowly breathe out through your nose. 

Breathing through the mouth triggers subtle anxiety by increasing the heart rate and blood flow. A slow exhale through the nose has the opposite effect of mouth-breathing and triggers a calming response.

When the world or your thoughts begin to intrude, simply come back to the breath. Inhale, and exhale to unbind yourself from the shackles of the past and the anxieties of the future. The consistency of breath can create the consistency of presence for us if we choose to show up.

The act of being present is like a meditation. The stillness here comes from action. Breathing, tending, witnessing, releasing and breathing again. This simple cycle can profoundly change the way that we experience our world.

Removing anxiety from your life

One of my favourite techniques to removing anxiety from your life and negative thoughts is meditation. 

Meditation is awareness. It’s that simple. 

Meditation helps to calm down and align mind body spirit

It’s about living in the here and now instead of allowing the mind to take you into the future or the past. 

Meditation is not something apart from your everyday life. It’s a quality, a way of being. 

Any activity done with awareness is meditation. It’s not the activity that is important but your awareness as you do the activity. For example; when you take your morning shower, are you fully present? Or are you thinking about the day ahead? 

When you are fully present, enjoying the hot water on your body refreshing and invigorating you, that’s meditation.

You can apply the focus of being fully present to anything, and then you will be able to easily and naturally incorporate meditation into your days. 

I love playing my favourite relaxing music with headphones, I close my eyes and go within. Connecting with the inner silence and inner wisdom drops my focus into my heart and after just 10 minutes I can feel reborn. 

There are many studies on how our brain loves cortisol. “Known as an alarm system, your brain releases the chemical cortisol as a way to warn you about imminent danger, and, let’s be honest, that’s pretty helpful at times.” J Brandon wrote about that. 

Bouncing away negative thoughts is a brilliant strategy. So when that easy-flowing cortisol makes you think negatively, you “bounce” the dark cloud away and think a positive thought instead.

Happiness is our natural state. Rather than waiting for events outside of us to determine our state, we can actually find our happiness by looking inside.

Perhaps we think that we have to be relaxed and calm and that all sorts of conditions need to be there for us to be happy. This is not the case. 

Happiness can simply be there for no reason. The more we make a practice of smiling, laughing and enjoying ourselves for no reason, the more we discover we already have what we are seeking.

Please join me on my free online group meditation every Sunday- 6 pm UK time.

The purpose of this online gathering is to build community, release fear, raise our vibration and send healing energy and bring more light to the planet.

Women circle
Let’s get together and connect.

I would like to invite you for free to Sunday’s online meditation gathering. We will be releasing stress and anxiety energies from our bodies and meditating. Together, it’s so much easier to stay in high vibration and feel supported. 

Please don’t turn away from deep support in these trying times. Although solitude has its place in our growth for sure, isolation can be crippling.  

We need each other as powerful allies and resources of light. It’s that simple.

If you would like to go deep and experience powerful healing that will help you to find the core belief that holds you back in life and release it, connect with me.

Karolina is an amazing healer. Her sessions are so powerful and transformative. I came to her with so much anxiety and depression. Not seeing how can I get out of the situation and working with her only a few weeks I managed to drop my medications, feel more confident and hopeful about life. Every session was truly transformative. Now I feel so connected and alive that I started doing what I have always wanted to do. I highly recommend her powerful sessions and teachings. Thank you. – Alice

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