Start listening to your soul

Start getting out of your mind and go into your body. Connect with your soul and body.

Let go of shame

Let go of that madness…

.. being shame of your body, yourself…

Own your desires so you can live how your SOUL came to live in this world…

Connect with your inner compass
Connect with your deep heart desires and trust yourself


When you fall asleep on your life, when your mind shut the door to your heart and your soul falls asleep, there is a real repercussions, ( I see this all the time) people have chronic fatigues, they get depression and anxiety, they get illnesses in their body, no connection with their family.

You have a lot to lose by being all the time in control…

You have a lot to lose if you do not wake up your soul if you do not connect with your body and soul.

You can reclaim a deep mind- spirit-body connection!

Transform your life by listening your soul
The soul knows what you need to grow and evolve.

When the soul is prevented from doing what it came here to do, the central theme of our lives is missing. But no matter what we do to anchor our life in materialism, our soul will not give up its struggle to make us see the light.

It will find ways to exert tremendous pressure on us to change, even through change is what we so often fear.

Sometimes the pressure exerted from the soul level is so strong that we experience great discomfort mentally, emotionally or even physically. 

The refusal or inability to respond to the inner call for reconnection to spiritual reality can finally trigger a breakdown.

To restore balance to the mental and emotional level and bring health to the physical body, we need to go back to our inner Self. When the Self is allowed full expression, harmony on all levels is the natural outcome.

We are at one with ourselves and our actions express this harmony.


The health equation:



Connect with your Spirit
You can reclaim a deep mind- spirit-body connection!

Meditate, silence yourself every day. Put your hands on your chest and listen to those whispers. They will guide you. They will answer your questions. They will help you to Trust.

To trust yourself, to trust your path, to trust people. They will teach you important life lessons like patience, forgiveness, acceptance and love.



Connecting with my inner compass has changed my life and now I help women changing their life by guiding them on how to connect with their deep heart desires and trusting themselves. 


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I am here to unlock your inner wisdom and your deepest potential so that you can live in health, wealth, power and love. Through transformative Quantum healing, mindset technique, mentoring and aligned action you will be encourage to create a powerful personal identity that positively impacts your life and the world. My desire is to awaken your innate intuitive and healing abilities so you can transform your life, live in vibrant and become a conscious creator.