How to start tuning into the love vibration

Love frequency

Connecting with the energy of love.

I have been practicing self-love for a while and I would love to share with you what always helps me to find alignment and pure energy of love.

Darling, love isn’t something you bestow on someone when they give you what you want, and withhold later when they don’t.🌸🌸🌸

Love isn’t something you look for in someone else in order to feel complete. 

Remember you are already complete, whole, and powerful just as you are. I am inviting you to start the most rewarding journey in your life – self-love.

But learning to love yourself can be challenging at first, as you have spent years being your own worst critic.😉

Love is everywhere
Remove the blocks that have kept you from experiencing the love

I am inviting you to start giving yourself the attention you have been wanting from others and start loving every aspect of you. Even those parts that you do not like.  Welcome everything. When you stop rejecting yourself, this is the only way you can start feeling whole and complete. Yeey

Fall in love in you.

Fall in love in your quirks, your flaws, your hips (no matter what size they are). Fall in love in your beautiful, open heart.

Slowly, your love will permeate all parts of you, until when you are squeezed only love comes out.

When you finally begin to love yourself, you no longer live in a world of fear. This doesn’t mean you don’t sometimes feel afraid; it just means that fear is no longer dominating your choices.

When your connect with yourself on a deeper level, you find what love is.  Love is what you are.

So how to remove the blocks that have kept you from experiencing the love that you are?

There are many things you can do like healing your past, transforming your limiting beliefs about love, yourself, relationships, rasining vibrations and the most important connecting with your body and your soul.

Magic happens when we open for love.
Let the love in.

One of the many techniques..

Find a quiet room where you can sit undisturbed for a few minutes.

  • Close your eyes, and imagine someone or something you deeply love. Hold that image in your mind.


  • If you choose a thing (like your cat or your grandmother’s pendant), this item should not be in the room with you as you do the exercise.


  • As you focus intently on this image, notice how you feel. Do you feel the warmth in your belly? Do you feel a sense of lightness? How does love feel?


  •  Now integrate your breath. Breathe in and out, imagining that you are nurturing this love with the life force of breath. Do this for the next couple minutes, and anytime you get distracted come back to your heart and the feeling of love.

After two or three minutes of holding this image of love, open your eyes.

Isn’t the feeling of love wonderful? 

And did you notice that you are still alone?

practice tunning into love frequency
Love can heal

You have been alone this whole time. This is indisputable proof that you were the cause of the love you felt.

The truth is that while something outside of you might be the catalyst for your love to flow, you are the one creating the love.

And if you are the one creating the love, that means you can choose to generate love for the pure pleasure of loving.

So why not just choose to love because it feels good to love?


Let me take you through healing and self- discovery journey and inviting more love in your life. [button link=”” type=”icon” icon=”heart” newwindow=”yes”] I am READY[/button]  


“Thank you so much Karolina I had no idea what to expect from a session with you, but my time with you surpassed my expectations. I really appreciate the time and caring you shared with me. It made a huge difference to what I achieved and took away from my trip to Bali – I ended up coming away with more than I expected.”

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