letting go of past

What are cords and energetic connections are?


Cords are unseen energy that connects you to another human, pet or object. These energy cords can be healthy, or unhealthy. For example, unhealthy cords can develop within families, or with friends, colleagues, and even pets. If you have an ex-boyfriend, friend, or family member who is experiencing neediness and desperation, they may be sending invisible cords to you in an unhealthy way.

This can create low energy in you, cause you to feel drained of energy, feelings of guilt and sadness without realizing it. This can all add up to feelings of resentment, guilt or sadness. But it can all be released by cutting these cords and the energetic connection with this person and will ultimately promote a healthier relationship and energy between you and the person.


When you cut the cords and energetic connection, it detaches you from the negative energy and this can help to establish a healthier energy flow between you both.


The negative cords and energetic connection creates low energy anxiety, guilt, resentment, fog and a lack of focus. 


Please remember that there are also healthy cords and energetic connections, like mother and child, or lovers. 


For example; If you cut cords and energetic connections with your ex and you still feel sad or hurt, you may need to do deeper work and start healing whatever triggers these emotions in you. This also may be related to your childhood. 


How to cut cords and energetic connections.

Letting go
Cutting cords and energetic connections with ex

Find a quiet place. Meditate. Clear your mind.


While you are meditating, scan your body and notice any cords you may still have with your ex. If you find one, start sending this back to him or send back to light and love until you feel they have gone. Say out loud that what is not yours, it’s going back to where it came from. 


You may use a Crystal Wand for clearing these energies by moving the wand around your body, in a sweeping movement. Notice how you are clearing them with just the intention. Again, you need to be meditating, not in your head. Your intention should be positively beneficial for all souls involved in this process. Ask your angels, higher self, masters for assistance. 


Invite the golden light of Source to support you by sending it to the places in the body where the cords are to release and cleanse them.


See if this works for you.

Often this can lead to deeper work and to finding out soul lessons and what else still needs to be healed within you. 

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