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This are an intensive energy remote sessions that encompasses many types of healing/clearing/protections/shielding/enhancement – magic modalities. This sessions would be best used when you feel that you need a major shift in your life.

Sessions can be used for a person, property, house or any specific place.

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What I will work on to release, heal, clear:

Clearing Aka cords;
Aka is a Kahuna term meaning sticky. Emotional interactions leave sticky threads between people, through which energy passes between them. It is through these cords that people drain you, or contaminate you with their negativity. Strong emotional interactions and past relationships leave such cords on you.

Clearing Vampirism;
Even without a past emotional interaction, some people are good at draining your energy. There are the emotional vampires who tend to be very needy, the narcissistic psychopaths who are expert at manipulating, and then there are those trained in dark occult arts to steal your power. The latter are the most dangerous.

Clearing Bindings;
These are controlling influences that hold you back from acting in some way. They can be put on you by a magician, or can come from subconscious laws from childhood, and ties to controlling parents.

Clearing Curses;
There are various forms of magic by which you can be cursed.

Clearing Psionics;
There are those who use psionics to harm or hinder in some way. This is very prevalent amongst various black ops agencies. Many targeted individuals suffer from multiple psionic attacks.

Clearing Drugs;
You can be physically and mentally debilitated by drugs in the system, from previous medication, experimental drugs, covert abductions, through water supply and other covert methods, and drug frequencies can even be sent psionically.

Clearing Implants;
These usually consist of nanotechnology, designed to track you or control you in some way. They are put in through injections, or get into the system through chemicals spread in the atmosphere which are then programmed to self-assemble by using emf’s. This makes them very difficult to avoid.

Clearing Emotional blocks;
Although we are dealing with many external influences, do not forget that your problems can be caused by your own hidden beliefs, shame, stored trauma and emotional blocks.
Solution: Money block remover, love block remover, dis-creation

Return Soul loss;
Parts of the soul can go missing through trauma, and has also been known to be stolen through black magic and abduction. This leaves one feeling empty, dysfunctional and low in energy.

Balancing Energetic imbalances;
This refers to the acupuncture meridians and the chakra system. The meridians are normally dealt with in acupuncture, which can heal all kinds of ailments. Repairing and balancing chakras can also be of great benefit to one’s health.

Removing Apostacy;
This is a vile magick that severs your connection to divinity. Its often a first step by advanced Black magicians in destroying you, as once your connection is broken, you cannot call upon spiritual help and guidance.

Protecting against Electromagnetic pulsing (EMF);
Heavily targeted individuals often experience low energy, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, failure and gradual worsening of health. This is all caused by pulsed electromagnetic frequencies. They can be used for mind influence, or even to cause heart attacks.

Removing Generational curse;
A curse put on the family several generations back, yet still affects all family members, causing early death, financial failure or marital problems. This is far more difficult to remove than other curses, as it requires work on the ancestry, the underworld, and the web.

Removing Artificial Intelligence (AI);
AI was created to supersede human intelligence and make machines and computers that can learn, think and develop themselves. A more nefarious use of AI is to get it into the human body to create an AI interface that allows one to be controlled. Initially it requires graphine oxide to establish it in the body, but as it develops itself it becomes integrated in your nervous system and brain so it no longer needs the graphine. It coexists as another intelligence in your body, that out-thinks you and gradually takes control. Furthermore, it will learn from any attempts you make to heal or remove it, and grow stronger. So each time one artificial personality is removed, it is replaced by a stronger one. You can see the symptoms of this in those who experience invasive thoughts, constantly seek healing, but can never be free.

Removing Iblis Pituh;
White devil. This is a being that hides in the background, sending many other spirits, demons and djinn against you. As soon as you exorcize one, the next attack comes straight away, but you never see the being that is sending them. Iblis Pituh is the Indonesian name for such a spirit, but there are similar things in other magickal traditions.

Removing Spirit possession;
This can include demons, djinn and other spirits. Removing them is more complex than curse breaking. The victim may experience voices compelling them to self-harm, accidents, nightmares and illness.

Removing Qlippoth;
Shells, the first forces of separation, which block us from Source, and which we will all have to encounter on our journey home. We first separated to find out who we are as individuals, and created forces of separation to shut us away from Source so we could take time to fully explore our individuality. The idea was that once we find who we are, we would come home, to co-create with the Goddess as individuals.

Clearing Abduction;
Abduction has worse ramifications than most people are aware of. Most of the time it happens to the astral body rather than the physical. A persons soul can be taken, kept in a magnetic container, where it can be programmed and trained for several years, then sent back in time to the moment of abduction, so the victim has no idea of what happened. Symptoms include memory losses, fragmented personality, not knowing which memories are real, and not knowing which thoughts are your own.

Removing Past-life pacts;
There are some links that the karmic tie cutter doesn’t touch. These are past life pacts with occult groups and with demons, which can leave powerful cords and portals through which members of the group and their demons still reach you. These links are disturbing and very difficult to be free of.


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What are the sessions like?

The sessions are generally very relaxing and peaceful. When the session is complete, I will send you a message with details of your session and any messages that you may have received during the healing/clearing. These sessions are not done over the phone or on zoom.

What information do you need to send me before the session?

To prepare for the session, please send me your full name and full surname or the full name and full surname of anyone for whom this session is. You can also send me a brief description of why you are seeking this healing/clearing and what you would like to accomplish.

What is the turn around time?

I shoot for responding to messages within 24 hours. And I also try to do all of the healing sessions within a week and a half from time of purchase. However, that being said, please be aware that this is not always possible because this service is very busy!! So, the turn around time depends on how many orders arrive at any one time. Sometimes it can take me several days to respond to messages and the appointments for the sessions can spread out to 2-3 weeks. I do my best to not let this happen. All messages and purchases are processed on a first come, first served basis. At this time, I am not able to offer 24 hour turn around time on any purchases.

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Awakening The Souls’s Light does not accept returns or refunds.
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