Prosperity Consciousness and More Abundance in your life


Step into Prosperity Consciousness

It’s possible to COMPLETELY REWIRE your mind about money and create a whole new money mindset. A whole new set of beliefs about money.

But remember – and this is important – you don’t need to be completely rewired to see a shift – every baby step you take on this journey will take you in a new direction…. little by little it will start creating a new experience in your life…you’ll see you start receiving money unexpectedly in different forms, from different sources or in new ways.

Maybe you’ll bring in an amazing new client….. or find the fear starts to subside a little, or you no longer avoid opening your bank statements.

What happens when you do this work, is that you start to make money more easily. You start to experience less struggle around money, you start to experience more ease and flow. Unexpected money will come into your life and you will attract more and abundance more easily. You start to believe it’s actually possible to have the life you truly desire.

Let’s excavate what you are really thinking about money by taking a look at the beliefs you have inside you, and where they came from.

Remember that beliefs are mainly held in the SUBCONSCIOUS mind so if your first reaction is “I don’t believe that!” then it could be a history level belief, connected to a past life, or just buried deep in childhood. These are the ones we’re really interested in uncovering because until now, you were unaware of them, and yet they were running the show!

So celebrate the beliefs you uncover because now you know about them you can actually take steps to clear and reprogram them. Now you know the old belief, you can actively choose a new belief to replace it.

Some beliefs you can release immediately, others may take longer because the belief is actually serving you in some way so your subconscious mind is not willing to let go of it yet!

Watch THIS video to how to check by yourself what beliefs you have about Money on a subconscious level and what may hold you back from stepping into Prosperity Consciousness. It is a powerful exercise to do.

I deserve more money
I deserve to be wealthy
I am worthy of more money
I am worthy of bringing in (insert your goal monthly income)
I am a bad person
I deserve to be paid for my gifts and talents I deserve to make money in my own business

Money is the root of all evil I hate money
Money is evil
Money is dangerous

Rich people are corrupt
Rich people are greedy
Rich people are immoral
Rich take advantage of the poor

I will always be poor
I took a vow of poverty
I will always be in debt
I come from a long line of poor people I will always struggle with money

It is wrong to want more money
It is wrong to have more money

I will always be in debt
There is not enough to go round
If I have more it means less for others I can have either love or money

I know how to manage my money
I can handle large amounts of money
I know how to use debt in a responsible way I am allowed to manage my money
It is safer to be poor
I know how to handle more money
Money is stressful

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Get clear on your beliefs, stories, attachments and internal representations you have to Money:

  • What have your thoughts and beliefs been about money?
  • If you think about your CHILDHOOD experience with Money…What comes up?
  • What phrases do you remember being told about Money?
  • What do you SAY about Money, bills, spending, and receiving it?
  • What are all the resources where your money comes from?
  • Where is your money going?
  • Do you have a set amount of Money being transferred automatically into an account for yearly business expenses such as taxes, etc?
  • Do you have Money automatically being deposited monthly for your Life Creation Expenses such as travel, fun and play?
  • What systems do you have in place to pay the money/value exchange for your commitments on time?
  • Is there somewhere you are out of Integrity with Money?
  • Are you CLEAR on your agreements and commitments to others with Money and in integrity with those agreements?
  • What do you SEE, focus on and put your attention on when it comes to Money, bills, or anything to do with creating or giving Money?


If you aren’t living in Abundance…it’s because that is what you’ve decided to create and experience.

What will you NOW Choose to look for with Money?

What Appreciation Statements will you use regularly in your life about Money?

How will you now choose to SEE Abundance available to you Everywhere?

How are you Now going to FEEL Abundant and WORTHY of Abundance?


DECIDE to be WEALTHY by Deciding you are WORTHY

Until you become the VIBRATION of Abundance, and the worthiness to Receive it…
You’ll continuously run from thing to thing, striving for the solution you think is outside of you that only keeps you in the very same cycle…

Align with the frequency of prosperity so you can manifest money with EASE
Imagine that YOU, in your natural state as a Magnet of Prosperity…
Would you like to attract and receive money and the abundance everywhere and everything always effortlessly flowing to you..
Would you like to transform your relationship with money and clear Money blocks and start opening for abundance? If the answer is yes JOIN me on my 5 week transformational program.

“I have doubled my income since listening and attending to Karolina’s Money Mindset training. Karolina’s programs have completely transformed my life. I experience more abundance, peace, flow, joy, pleasure, and love than I ever thought was possible before discovering Karolina. – Agata”



  • The Complete Money Mindset: An in depth layout teaching you all the aspects required to align to Prosperity Principles & Consciousness and the behavioural tools to align with the frequency of abundance and how to implement it into your life.
  • The Money Mindset Guide Book: An outlined step by step guide through the Money Mindset Program, Principles of Prosperity and the Opportunity assignments guiding you through the behavioural shifts and activities to transform your world.
  • Abundance Activation and Clearing LIVE Calls once a week – Channeled Activation from me to open your energetic body, clear and cleans out stuck energy and programs and bring you into Activation to Receive. Also comes with diving into the things you’ll experience in the activation and how you can inner-stand them fully to incorporate them to utilize coding into the energetic field a new reality of abundance around you.
  • Bridging the Gaps – where you are now and where you want to be. Steps you take to increase your prosperity and what practical steps you can take to master your money story.
  • Daily Manifestation Rituals- the daily rituals to increase frequency and the steps and tools to use daily to align to all your desires to be manifested.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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