How to remove your money blocks and bring more money into your life

Money blocks

Ways to start breaking old habits, releasing limiting beliefs about money and bringing more abundance into your life.


The reality is that money is just energy, yet we load it with all sorts of meanings.

Money is loaded with so many connotations and especially emotions, for all of us. The truth is that money is just a form of exchanging one energy for another i.e. currency for a service or product. It’s a form of barter just like grain or cows once were!

Within the subject of money are many different aspects, and exploring, understanding & uncovering your money story is an incredible personal development journey. It’s one in which you will free yourself of negative conditioning, unhelpful beliefs and subconscious programming that’s been holding you back without you even realising – 95% of your thinking is subconscious so you’re not even aware of it! Yet it is driving your thoughts, feelings and actions.


Designing your Future and your Vision

The first place we start – and you always come back to when you are feeling lost – is your BIG VISION: your dreams and your deepest desires.


Identify the Money Stories and Limiting Beliefs.

What stories about money you learned when growing up? What beliefs you took from culture, religion, ancestors, history and land? For example: Money does not grow on trees, You need to work hard for money, Rich people are selfish, there is never enough money and so on. 


Clear the limiting beliefs and write a new story.

When you identify your limiting beliefs about money, then you go one by one and start clearing these beliefs on a subconscious level and choosing different thoughts, action, behaviours on a daily basis. 


Emotional release of trapped emotions like anger, blame, shame, guilt, resentment.

By forgiving yourself and others, you free up energy to focus on your future.Holding on to resentment or anger blocks our ability to have peace of mind.“Bitter or Better”: it’s your choice…

You need to release any blame towards others and yourself. Any shame of past mistakes, bad investments.Guild that you perhaps overspent. And so on.


Transform your fears

Moving from fear-based thoughts to love based thoughts will shift your energy and experience.Everyone has fear based thoughts that are unique to them. Fear of success, fear of being judged, fear of being attacked, fear of being rejected, fear of losing money, fear of failure, fear of making wrong decisions, fear of being visible. When we do not deal with our fears, we are closed to see any opportunities. We cannot hear our intuition and our inner guidance. We hide and play small.

trasform your money blocks

Feel Wealthy

You expand the limits you can receive more abundance, more money in your life. You raise your vibrations. You take full responsibility for your healing journey and creating new relationships with money! You keep opening yourself for allowing yourself to receive more in life.


Owning your value

Uncover more about your unique gifts and talents, and identify & clear your limiting self perceptions so that you can become more confident in who you are.Confidence is knowing who you are and what you have to offer the world. The more you get to know & accept & love yourself and your value, the more confident you will become.


Bring more money in your life

This is where you connect with your true soul purpose and how much you value yourself. Also, what else can you do to bring more money in your life. Opening for new opportunities. Connecting with different people. Remember money is all around you! Opportunities are everywhere. There are many ways you can manifest money.


Transformation is possible for EVERYONE. Including you!


Raise your hand if you want to bring more money into your life. Raise your hand if you would like to transform your relationship with money. Raise your hand if you would like to discover your limiting beliefs about money and start transforming them. Raise your hand if you would like to start breaking old habits and creating new healthy habits. Raise your hand if you would like to let go of your fears forever. Raise your hand if you would like to feel empowered that you can create the life you want. 


I’m just assuming here but I’m going to guess, that yes, you raised your hand. 

If so…..

I would like to invite you to my 5 weeks Program about Transforming Your Relationship With Money. 

  • We will be testing over 100 common limiting beliefs that most people feel stuck with them. 
  • We will be working on overcoming fears.
  • We will be releasing trapped emotions that you still hold on to it and this is not allowing you to move forward in life. 
  • We will be creating a future vision for you and uncovering your true gifts and talents. 
  • We will be releasing unhealthy programs that come from ancestors, bringing up, history, religion, culture. 
  • We will be expanding your energy of how much you can truly start receiving. 

5 powerful modules, 5 live transformational Energetic healing sessions with me. 

Living abundance

The best program I have ever done on money blocks. I am blessed to have gone through the money clearing exercises live with you. It’s a great refresher to do the exercises again and clear whatever money blocks that limit access to cash and feel worthy of having more. – Mary K. from UK


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