Understanding the Power of Energetic Interference and Advanced Healing

Welcome! In this blog post, we aim to shed light on how our services can assist you and provide an overview of what you can expect. While we understand that not everything we share may resonate with you, we want to emphasize the profound impact our service had on saving my partner’s life.

Have you been feeling off lately? Experiencing unusual energies, sudden body pains, frequent headaches, increased irritability, difficulty sleeping, or heightened anxiety and fear? These signs may not always be rooted in physical or emotional causes alone. They could be connected to energetic or multi-dimensional aspects of your being.

What does this mean? It means that if you have a spiritual attachment feeding off your life force and energy, you may find yourself lacking motivation, experiencing diminished self-belief, exhaustion, and drained energy. The manifestations of these interferences can vary from person to person, targeting their individual vulnerabilities. Personally, when I’m affected by energetic interference, I either feel a sudden loss of energy or an increase in anxiety and fear. I can distinguish between anxiety caused by personal issues and the distinct anxiety that arises from external interference.

The same goes for my partner, who experiences interference in the form of headaches. These headaches, caused by energetic interference, feel different from those resulting from lack of sleep, for example. It’s crucial to learn how these interferences manifest in our bodies. Sometimes, they indicate the need for more rest or certain nutrients, while other times they signify interference in our energetic field.

We live in a world filled with complex energies, and it’s important to open our eyes, ears, and entire being to the fact that these energies can interfere with us. It’s not just about love and light. If it were, our planet would look drastically different. The beings who control this planet and the systems in place are designed to keep us confined within limited frameworks, disconnected from our higher selves. They employ various means to numb us, such as excessive screen time, mindless scrolling, and indulging in substances like alcohol, tobacco, and excessive caffeine consumption. These activities serve to desensitize us and turn us into zombies. When we are unconscious and disconnected from ourselves, our energy becomes accessible to these beings, allowing them to feed off and harvest our souls.

We understand that some of what we’re sharing may sound unbelievable to you. You may not be ready to accept this information right now, and that’s perfectly fine. However, it’s crucial to recognize that these interferences genuinely affect us. We can physically and emotionally sense their presence. For instance, you may suddenly experience sharp, unexplained pains that are unrelated to sitting incorrectly. I recall a healing session where I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder blades. I knew it was interference, not a physical issue. After completing the session and clearing the interference, the pain immediately vanished. It turned out there were energetic implants in my system.

Let me share an example related to my partner. As I mentioned earlier, he would often experience energy depletion and constant fatigue. Initially, we attributed it to neglecting his body’s needs before his awakening. It was true; he had to pay the price and learn to take better care of himself. We engaged in various healing practices and sought assistance from different healers while traveling in Asia. However, nothing seemed to work until we met someone who shared the same insights I’m sharing with you now. They told us about advanced courses they offered and revealed that my partner had been cursed to lose a significant amount of his energy, which couldn’t be recovered. After clearing these courses and protecting his energy, he returned to his normal self within a matter of days. This experience opened our eyes to the multi-dimensional world and the reality of these phenomena.

I can’t stress enough how many times I’ve been affected by interference, whether it was through implants, EMF exposure, spiritual attachments, or contracts my partner had with certain entities. Clearing and maintaining my multi-dimensional field has become as routine as brushing my teeth. I always check my energetic state, especially when I feel off—whether it’s a lack of energy, sudden headaches, or unexplained pain. If the multi-dimensional level is clear, then I address any emotional aspects that may require attention, such as sitting with grief or sadness. I’ve also changed the way I conduct sessions with clients, particularly new ones. Before delving into programming, conditioning, trauma work, or limiting beliefs, I first check their energetic field. If there are any spiritual attachments or heavy energetic burdens, their vibrations are lowered, and their energy is being drained. Removing these attachments and burdens is crucial for them to regain their strength and for the healing process to be more effective.

There were numerous occasions when we thought we were simply going through a natural process, believing we needed to lie in bed and process emotions like grief or sadness. In reality, we were being interfered with. We spent days in bed, only to later realize that we had wasted precious time that could have been spent productively, enjoying nature, creating, or focusing on our families. It was disheartening to discover that what we thought was processing was merely interference. Eventually, we learned to recognize these patterns. Now, after just five minutes of addressing the interference, we can move on. We feel it’s vital to share these experiences so that others don’t have to waste as much time and energy as we did. Although it wasn’t a complete waste, we want to provide shortcuts to those on a similar journey.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email. We’re here to respond and provide further clarification. We also encourage you to explore our additional content, as there are other videos explaining the available options and how to determine which option is right for you. We wish you the best and hope you have an amazing day.

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