Masculine vs Feminine

Feminine vs Masculine

It is important for me to tell you that no one agrees on what Masculine or Feminine is, and that is why I have listened to these as “Common Assumptions.” 

What is actually really more important in being able to awaken Feminine Power and really transform this, is to become aware of your own experience and your own assumptions about Masculine and Feminine, and what your relationship with these different energies has been. If you have a journal with you, you can journal as we go through, or you can just notice. 

There is absolutely no right or wrong way to do this exercise. Remember, the power to transform comes from connection. It comes from presence. It comes from staying present with yourself and really noticing what gets evoked for you when you read out these energies. If it is somewhere where it is safe for you to do so, I want to invite you to take a nice, deep, breath, breathing all the way down into your hips, breathing all the way down into your legs, down into the soles of your feet and into the earth.


Masculine Energy
Masculine Qualities

 Notice what gets evoked or activated in your body as you read out these qualities:

  • External ● Mental ● Separate ● Structure ● Control ● Angular ● Odd ● Penetrating ● Doing ● Goal ● Purpose-driven ● Protective ● Provided ● Ordered ● Perfection ● Linear ● Focused ● Non-changing ● Predictable ● Hard ● Mind ●Force


 Noticing what gets evoked in your body. These were a list of Masculine Qualities. Do they make you feel constricted? Do they feel familiar? Do you feel alienated? Do you feel unsafe? Do you feel disconnected? 


Writing down what you notice. Noticing what you notice comes up with these qualities. Having a shake, moving around, making some noise, and breathing. Notice where your attention goes. 


What happens in your body with these Masculine Qualities? 

Shaking it off.


Feminine Energy
Feminine Qualities

Now, I want you to read some of these Feminine Qualities and Commonly Held Assumptions about the Feminine. I want to invite you to close your eyes and drop down into your body, and notice what gets evoked with these qualities: 

  • Internal ● Emotional ● Related ● Slow ● Surrender ● Round ● Soft ● Receptive ● Being ● Receive ●Love ● Nurturing ● Nester ● Chaotic ● Wild ● Non-linear ● Imperfect ● Multi-tasking ● Ever-changing ● Unpredictable ● Body ●Flow ●Grounding


Notice what these qualities evoke in you, and what your relationship with these Feminine Qualities has been. Do you feel unsafe? Do you feel safe? Do you feel connected? Do you feel disconnected? Do you feel drawn in? Do you feel pushed out? Writing it down.


Notice your Feminine and Masculine

 Noticing what your current response or relationship is to these Feminine and Masculine Qualities. Notice what your experience has been. Notice what your judgments about the others have been. Notice what gets activated or awakened in you, and anything else that you can observe.

You will see, for most of us, we have judgments. We have aversions. We have things that, without even realizing it, have been barriers to coming into a new relationship with Masculine and Feminine Power. 

Breathe and shake that off. We are noticing our lived experience.


What I have noticed through my work that women who are in Masculine for most of their time they feel tired, exhausted or burn out.

Embrace Feminine Power
Invite more flow and love in life by being in your feminine.

Imagine how much energy you need to use just to BE and then all the duties and responsibilities being done with this energy. 


We can do the same tasks and do it with more flowy and easy energy.


This is also why women can push away a man. Man does not want to be with another “man”. He wants to feel like he is with a woman.  The more women is in her Feminine the more flow is in her relationship. Men are providers in so many ways and in order for men to be in his natural nature of provider we need to as women stay in our beautiful, powerful Feminine energy and receive our man. 

What I see often women are to much in controlling energy. They are not able to receive support or love. When women truly step into her Feminine, this will impact every area of her life like love life, health, career and more.


Embrace Your Feminine Power
Learn how you can invite more flow in your life by connecting with your Feminine.





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