How to create a deep connection in a relationship


Emasculating men lead to distrust and distance.

Today I want to bring your attention to a subject of punishing men most of the time unknowingly and unconsciously. This normally happens unconsciously and this behaviour is based on fear and old programs that have been passed down. Just think about your mother or granny, how do they speak about men or to men or your father?

Why do women do it?

It is a response out of fear of men’s power. It is a learned behaviour to reduce men’s pressure. And it is the only way women have to deal with their hurt, disappointment, sadness and frustration.

Most women feel safer when men are weak.

This is happening very much on a subconscious level. I invite you to start observing yourself how YOU talk to men, what you think about men in general eg: son, husband, brother, boss etc.

When someone misbehaves, they must be punished. When someone constantly misbehaves, his power must be taken away or limited severely. This is how most women relate to men.

How Women making men small/punishing

  • Withhold appreciation
  • Withhold admiration
  • Withhold participation
  • Withhold sex
  • Don’t let them impress you
  • Compare unfavorably – be impressed by someone else
  • Don’t trust them
  • Assume insincerity
  • Don’t need them for anything important to you
  • Expect them to act the same as girls/women
  • Don’t let them help you
  • Demean their earning abilities
  • Blow off their suggestions and ideas
  • Ignore them
  • Criticize them
  • Interrupt them
  • Rolled eyes
  • Take over something you gave them to do
  • Shut down their storytelling

By doing it, in the short-term, this affects men by sudden loss of his power. Often this shows up in rage and aggression. He may feel disarmament.

However, if woman behaviour keeps repeating, the man goes into competing with her on a subconscious level instead of cherishing her. He may avoid intimacy and rather keep distance. On a deeper level he may be suspicious of what next instead of building deep trust in his woman. To summarise this with one sentence, he relates to his women from the place of fear instead of love.

Often women and men are not conscious of what is happening and what they are doing.

Deep connection with men
Start creating meaningful relationship

It is very hard to create a true deep bond, openness, trust and intimacy if there is a “war” who is in charge, you are wrong, I am right, you are small, I punish you.

Firstly, start noticing how you punish men. Watch your behaviour and language. 

Secondly, when you realise how you punish men eg brother, father, cousin, boss, partner. It is time to uncover what is really happening on a deeper level and why you are doing it. 

I often see with my clients two trends. They do not trust men and they do not feel safe with men. I have had hundreds of women that face the same issue. 

Good news, the moment you start shifting beliefs, breaking these sabotaging patterns and behaviour, you will find yourself more calm, relaxed, in your feminine, enjoying men’s company. 

This will raise your vibrations, make you feel more confident and truly be connected with your feminine power. 

Book a clarity call with me to find out where to start transforming beliefs and patterns so you can feel open to trust and love again. 

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