Connect to your feelings and the magic will happen

connect to your intuition

Feelings are the language of your soul.


Because feelings contain valuable information and connect you to your intuition and truth.  When you suppress your feelings, you suppress the guidance, wisdom and connection with your soul.

You see, your soul wants to be in communication with you all the time.  And when you shut down your feelings because you do not want to feel your pain, you create energetic blocks on so many levels.  Unfortunately, this keeps you away from accessing the divine guidance that helps you manifest the highest and best outcomes in your lives.

feel your feelings Feelings are the language of your soul

Yes darling, when you disengage yourself from your feelings, you disconnect yourself from your own internal guidance system and give your power away to others who like to make decisions for you. I am sure you have experienced this many times.

You become powerless and do not trust your own intuition, seeking all of your answers and guidance from outside sources. You become thinkers, not feelers.

Does this sound familiar?


Thinking comes from the mind and always puts you darling in the past or in the future. Often creates anxiety and fears. It strips you from your heartfelt connection to the powerful, creative moment of the NOW.


True power resides in the present moment.

When you allow yourself to feel your present-moment feelings, you can respond from your hearts and not from your past wounds or your future concerns and worries.  In order to raise our vibrations and access the truth of your beings, you will need to feel your way through this process, not think your way through it.

I cannot tell you how powerful this process is. I have released and healed many old deep wounds this way and I feel so alive.

True power resides in the present moment. Allow yourself to feel your present-moment.

Yes I know,  you have been taught to avoid your feelings and resist allowing them to surface. Negative feelings left unaddressed get stuck in your energy bodies, creating a foggy energy field that lowers your vibrations and blocks your intuition. I hope no more of it yeey.

Unprocessed feelings become energetic distortions that also lead to illness and dis-ease. So darling, when you ignore your feelings because you do not want to feel the pain, you stuff them in your energy fields where they begin to fester.


When you are connected to your feelings and allow yourself to fully process through them so you can release them, you become a clear vessel, fully connected to the guidance or your souls and Spirits.  Yeeeey and this is exactly what we want!


When you block, stuff, or ignore your feelings, your body will respond with pain or symptom and let you know when you are out of alignment with your truth.


Feelings are core sensations in the body, they are not created out of the mind. Feelings are felt in the body, they are warning signs for you darling to acknowledge that something within your beings needs to be addressed. The body never lies.


It is always giving you warning signs…


Yes the majority of us like to treat the symptoms and avoid the root cause of the dis-ease, while the body continuously tries to get our attention, prompting us to recognize that something within our beings needs to be addressed.


Your bodies are fields of divine intelligence, energy, and organization. They are in a constant state of regeneration, therefore, any discomfort, whether it is emotional, mental, or physical, is a sign that your soul is out of alignment with your spiritual self.


Unlock Your Feminine Power Now Embrace your Journey of Empowerment

Your feelings simply want to be felt. When you step into allowance and allow your feelings to be felt without placing judgment on them, you can access vital information that can help you shift unhealthy beliefs, recognize repetitive patterns, make better choices, and heal your body. Yeeeyyy

All you really need to do is to allow and honour the process.


Let me take you through a beautiful process of connecting with your body and your feelings, allowing them to come through you and connecting with your soul. This is what I teach in the 1st module of my 6-week online program – Embrace your Feminine Power.

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Connect with your soul and body Feel the feelings and open to your inner guidance.

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