difference between mindset and healing
We have to GROW and we have to HEAL!

So what’s the difference, you might ask….

🌱Growth, in my humble opinion, is learning and creating new patterns of behavior, new skill sets.

In our brain, when we’re growing, we are literally creating new connections and new pathways in our brain. If you’re a nerd like me, you may have heard this concept referred to as neurogenesis.


💔Healing is different, healing is about releasing the relationships or experiences that created the DRIVE of that problem behavior that’s holding you back in your life and in your business. When we heal, we’re literally altering existing pathways in our brain, we call this concept, neuroplasticity.

Changing mindset vs Healing

healing with Karolina B
Difference between growth and healing

☯️This is why, when we’re up-leveling our life and our business we have to do both. We have to GROW and we have to HEAL!

Because we can learn all the new behavior patterns we want, but if we don’t heal, if we don’t release that drive from the parts of our brain we don’t have thought control of, when we have an experience that reminds our brain of that prior relationship or prior experience, we’re gonna fall right back into that old pattern of.

Why is that you might ask?

Because it’s the healing that changes the way it feels, it’s healing changes the way we experience life and relationships.

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