Can you easily Receive Love, Receive Support, Receive Money?


Are you advance receiver?


Can you imagine going up to someone you are interested in dating and complaining about the lack of decent men or women and that all those you meet are selfish, controlling? It is the same with your goal.

Why would your goal want to come near you if you are complaining about it all the time?

open yourself for receiving
Do yourself a huge favour if you start practising receiving

Complaining is different than talking about your feelings. Complaining is telling a story about your suffering with you as the victim. Feelings are universal. When you express your genuine feelings, not only will others relate to you but also you will start relating to yourself.

Staying in touch with your feelings instead of cataloging injustices helps you to receive rather than deflect your present circumstances. When you listen to what your emotions are communicating, you open up the possibility of instituting changes that can be helpful to you. Advance Receivers do not complain, they focus on receiving.

Complaints push away rather than draw things towards you.

Complaints discharge energy without changing anything.

Complaints are about a story rather than about your feelings.

Are you a good person?

The importance of receiving love and support

Many of us are taught that a good person is someone who gives to others and places the needs of others before his or her own. Nothing is wrong with being a giving person when it becomes an expectation instead of choice, we can easily become identified with the “good person” role, whether or not there is an actual desire to give.

Do you chronically deny your own wishes?

Feeling guilty if you say no to people’s requests?

Habitually reject your needs to the point that you don’t even know what they are anymore?

You don’t know how to set appropriate boundaries?

The important people in your life never know your true feelings?

By locking into a “good person” role you may feel:

Drained from upholding this image due to rescuing, saving, helping and looking after other people’s needs at the expense of your own. 

You may feel resentful or angry.

You turn to unhealthy substances, food or activities as a way to “give” to yourself.

Start challenging your thinking in this area and revise your idea about becoming a “WHOLE person” instead of a “good person”. This way, you will be broadcasting to everyone, I am important and therefore you start manifesting and attracting people and situation you really want in your life.


I see very often women who do not know how to receive compliments, they do not know how to receive love, how to receive support. They feel burn out but they still struggle with asking for help and then RECEIVING the support. 


receiving now
Flow in life.

Darling, you will do for yourself a huge favour if you start practising receiving.

I know it can be hard at the beginning, however, it is so worth it. There will be more flow in your life, more support and this means you will feel more acknowledged, more relaxed.

You will hear what your angels, spirits, your intuition are telling you. 


Open your arms and receive.


Let’s start releasing these old beliefs into new, more empowered. 

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