10 things that could hold you back from falling in love

Let love into your life

This is what could hold you back from falling in love

  • Fear from being hurt again – You may feel like you do not want to be hurt again. You may sabotage relationship or dating phases as you don’t want to go over the pain again.


  • I am independent – There is a big difference between being independent and not allowing your partner to support you. Maybe he is a provider on a psychic level. If he cannot provide for women, he might not feel interested in the relationship anymore.


  • Fear of meeting new people – You may feel paralysed to start going out and meeting new people. Often this can show up by you isolating yourself. This can be detrimental to finding love.


  • Body image issue – Many women struggle with body image and often this stops them being themselves around others. Don’t let this stand in your way because if someone else loves you, they love you for the way you are and you may miss a great chance of meeting the one.


  • Never good enough – You may have high expectations about men. There is nothing wrong with setting standards for who you want to attract, however, some women have unrealistically high expectations and no matter what a man does, it is never enough. 


  • Hiding – Isolating and never putting yourself out there can create large blocks in meeting people and showing your beautiful self. Find some classes or clubs that interest you to help you feel more confident and stop hiding. 


  • Lack of confidence in yourself – Maybe it is time for decluttering the wardrobe, get a new haircut. Do something for yourself that makes you feel good. When we feel good about ourselves, we become more confident and ready for romance.


  • Not taking the time for love – I often hear that “I will make room for dating and love when I meet someone”. However, this way we show that this part of our life is not important. you need to create the time for it now.


  • Focusing on fantasy – You might be dreaming about this perfect relationship and having some ideas of what the relationship should look like. It is good that you know what you want, however, some people seem to live in a fairytale, wanting the man to behave like their father or an imaginary relationship instead of what’s really happening in front of them. 


  • Fear that someone better will come along – Some people are searching all the time for perfect and easily giving up current relationships for someone else. This could cause them to lose what they already have and the ability to develop and evolve themselves in the current relationship.


Open your heart for love

All of these points could be what’s holding you back from falling in love, but don’t worry because they can be easily transformed with a little focus and love. Some can be easily shifted and integrated, while others require deeper work to understand where this behaviour stems from.

Sometimes it’s enough to bring awareness to our belief system to enable change to occur. However, some beliefs are many layers deep and it can take time to release and transmute these.


The Observer reports that there are more single women than ever before.

It’s time to finally learn to love yourself unconditionally, show up from an empowered place in your dating life, and get on your path to creating the loving partnership that you deserve.

Let me guide you through my transformative programs or experience a powerful, transformative 1-1 sessions.


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