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Learn more about how your life can be easily changed.

To REALLY change your life, you don’t have to change your thoughts. YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR BELIEFS.

Why your life looks the way it does right now?
Maybe challenges with relationships, money, health, career?

The way to finally gain conscious control of your life to make it to meet your loftiest goals, is to increase your awareness of what your core beliefs are and then to transform those that are not serving you into ones that are. It is possible to do so, without years of “talk therapy” or involved self-analysis.

They are a quick and effective way to create an internal life that dynamically supports the way you want your external life to look.

So, isn’t it time you aligned your beliefs about the world with the world you actually live in now?

Doing so is the key to changing your life, the key to making conscious choices that foster all the abundance, health, happiness, love and creativity that you desire now and in the future.

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I am unreal
I am nobody
I don't deserve love
I am afraid of
I am unworthy
Money will corrupt me
Money is evil
People with money are mean
I am not good enough
I am a failure
I am wrong
I can't trust
I am alone
I can't support myself

Love is only for those that deserve it
I am not accepted
I am abandoned
Life is dangerous
Everyone is against me
I am unlovable
I am rejected
I am angry at
I resent/hate/ bitter towards
I am afraid of being rich/hurt/loved/..
I am a doormat
Everyone else comes first
I can't love myself or others
I have no rights to be angry
I must hold it in

It is quite amazing to discover what thoughts and feelings we are holding on to subconsciously which we are totally unaware of, and how they are affecting our bodies, health, love life, finance.

Few examples how beliefs/programs can affect certain aspects of your life.


I am ugly
Men only want me for sex
I am attracted to difficult men
It is safer to be alone
No one will love me
My family will destroy my relationship
and many more...

By having these beliefs ( these are subconscious, you are not aware of them), you may wonder why you attract wrong man or women.



I cannot receive joy easily
I am a failure
It is my fault
I am abandoned
Life is too painful etc



I am taken advantage of
I am abused
I resent/ hate
I feel hopeless/helpless
I am judged by the family
I am unimportant
I can't love myself
I need to be strong for everybody
I am attacked
No man will want me again if I have breast cancer
If I have breast cancer, it will make my family come together


I am poor and proud of it
I have to save every penny I get
I will lose my friends/family if I am rich
It works for everyone else but not me
It's my father/mother fault
Life owe me
I am scared to be successful/seen/heard
and many more...

These are just tiny examples of all subconscious ( you are not aware of them)  beliefs/programs we may run. The majority of our beliefs come from:parents, family, media, culture, religion, friends. Beliefs are ones we hold from the past like abusive relationships, childhood, traumas.

To regain your life unresolved anger, resentment, traumas, guilt, shame, blame need to be released.

Once identified we can then remove these beliefs and replace them with positive, life and health enhancing ones.

Click on the video and check by yourself your own limiting beliefs

How Can Theta Healing Helps You?

You are what you believe you are capable of being.

Our beliefs are the foundations on which rests the entire structure of our life and its perceived quality.

THETA healing helps you quickly and easily communicate directly with your subconscious mind, change old self-sabotaging beliefs into new positive ones that support you, in just minutes!


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Theta Healing® helps with:

Abuse Addictions, Anger Management, Anxiety, Bereavement Career & Money Commitment, Phobia, Confidence, Creativity, Blocks, Depression, Drug Abuse, Emotional Issues, Fears, Guilt, Health Issues, Jealousy, Life Purpose, Loneliness, Motivation, Negative Thoughts, Obsession, Panic Attacks, Personal Development, Phobias, Recovery From Surgery, Rejection, Self-Confidence, Sexual Issues, Shame, Spiritual Growth, Stage Fright, Stress, Trauma, Unhappiness, Worry


I am a Theta healing practitioner and I offer 1 to 1 session. I offer 20 min free consultation if you want to find out more.

We can work together to identify and release the blocks that are causing challenges in your life! With a one-to-one session the possibilities are limitless.

Theta healing helps with: Abuse, Addictions, Career & Money, Confidence, Depression, Emotional Issues, Fears, Guilt, Health Issues, Jealousy, Life Purpose, Loneliness, Shame and many more.

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People love the way my service has improved their lives...

Please see below how Theta healing sessions has changed people's lives.

  • Tamara Tamara
    I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to connect with Karolina Blaszkiewicz. She has helped me to realize how and why I have been holding myself back from achieving my full potential. She has helped me to alter the direction in which my life was headed and taught me ways in which I can continue to work on my state of mind in order to move closer towards my desired goals. I now have a stronger desire to achieve and have begun to overcome my self doubt issues and can see that my goals are absolutely within my reach. My experience connecting with Karolina is something I will never forget, and a thank her from the bottom of my heart for helping me to work through some of my limiting beliefs and to realize I am worthy. I now have a better idea of what I can offer to others and how important it is to have confidence in what I believe in. I would recommend booking yourself a session with Karolina to see what she has to offer, she is amazing! Thank you Karolina for everything.
  • Julie Dennis Julie Dennis
    Karolina has helped me identify the areas in my life that had blockages and then she helped me to clear them. Now I am free of anger I'd been holding on to for years! I will be working on myself for as long as l live, but Karolina has also given me valuable tools to add to my life tool kit for which I am very grateful.
  • Abigail Abigail
    I am so grateful to have met Karolina. She has helped guide me through some dark times and reminded me to stay strong. She is empathic,non judgemental,gentle, loving and understanding. She has helped me shift a lot in the time that I have met her and she is a brilliant coach,healer and also a friend for life. I highly recommend her as she will touch your soul and help guide you to the light and get your life on track. She is truly an angel from heaven. Namaste
  • Matthew E.W. Matthew E.W.
    Having sessions with Karolina, it was one of the best experiences in my life. I got a lot of value from her coaching and also she eventually helped me to heal some of my limiting beliefs. I was privileged to have this opportunity to do the timeline with her followed by the Theta session on limiting beliefs. At the time I was seeking for answers what to do next in my life. The sessions with Karolina helped to grow and see what I should be doing in life. Doing the timeline with her I discovered my strengths gained during my whole life. I could defined XYZ factors. This whole exercise was very powerful and eye opening to see how many skills I have and how I can use them to build my successful business and my private life. I have discovered so many things about myself through session with Karolina. Karolina was able very quickly to pick up my limiting beliefs in relation to relationships, communication and others things while doing the timeline with me. Later on she managed to help me to shift, released these limiting beliefs. I trusted her. Her Theta sessions have been amazing experience. Firstly, it was astonishing to find out how many limiting beliefs I have and then how she helped me to release these beliefs into positive one. During the session, I had my first astral journey which was an unforgettable experience. I feel so much more confident and much more into my own power. I can clearly see what I need to do in life and how much I can offer to others. Thanks to Karolina guidance I got the right answers at the right time. Karolina, thank you. I highly recommend these sessions with Karolina.
  • Emil Emil
    Karolina helped me identify, be aware of and dissolve some very deeply rooted limiting beliefs I had, originating from my early childhood. After these had been revealed and we did the theta healing part I felt so much more relaxed and in a completely different energy level. I truly believe that there are a lot persons who could really benefit from Karolina's help and I strongly recommend it to anyone!
  • Amanda  Roncato Batista Amanda Roncato Batista
    I can´t even express in words how grateful I am to have met Karolina. She is such a gifted person to do coaching and healing. I instantly felt a connection with her. She is so kind, loving, caring and considerate. She is a truly awesome human being! She can really feel and understand your inner conflicts and help you to solve them. I am so excited about the exercises she told me to do and I am sure it will be the beginning of a much happier life. If we don´t work in our limiting beliefs and mindset, we simply can´t produce good results in life. If we had professional healers like Karolina working in our educational system since childhood, the world would be such a better place! Our mindset, beliefs, feelings, blockers, etc. are the root of everything. They should be considered the most important thing to deal with in our society, and before anything else. I highly recommend these sessions with Karolina. You can really see your life changing!
  • Claudine Girouard Claudine Girouard
    If you are ready for a better life and have an open mind, Karolina is the person for you. She has the ability to make you feel comfortable in sharing your life story. With the information you share, she is able to identify limiting unconscious beliefs that you have about yourself. She also uses your body movements to determined how you unconsciously view yourself. She was great at figuring out when my answers were coming from my head, not my heart. I am an analytical person and have learned what to say based on what people expect not based on my heart. I also received an exercise to help me with my healing journey. Her caring and loving personality made this experience very pleasant.
  • Frank Sieben Frank Sieben
    Karolina is one of the most loving, compassionate, gifted and caring people I know. Her gift to the world is to help you uncover where you are limiting yourself in your life. These limiting beliefs are often deeply rooted in your subconsciousness, and it takes an enormous amount of understanding and skill to help release these and “overwrite” the old tapes so that you can step into your greatness and be limitless. Karolina is an amazing partner I truly trust and I’m infinitely grateful for this given opportunity to work with her. She speaks, operates and shares from the heart and I can only highly recommend having a session with her as I know it will change your life. Much Love and gratitude.
  • Marcello Ciccini Marcello Ciccini

    Just a month ago I contacted Karolina because I was really impressed about the words she uses in her website and posts. That language was very familiar to me.

    We talked and fixed an appointment for our first session.

    Our video conference started by her explaining very clearly what the process of “digging” means. By just asking me questions after questions, I felt like she was peeling off layer after layer of forgotten beliefs and assumption inside my subconscious mind. I physically felt differences of pressure inside the center of my brain that, basically, I sensed this as the very root of those mental patterns.

    I remembered things about my childhood (that I previously considered insignificant) that made complete sense to me as, actually, the cause of my present behavior. Behavior that caused me to live in fear of criticism from others, fear of being attacked just for “showing up.”

    Karolina helped me to face my own fears and simply look through them.

    After we discovered which beliefs were affecting my whole life, she “downloaded” an incredible energy inside me. I felt in the top of my head as if my skull opened and complete peace was inside and around me.

    I am really grateful for what you did Karolina.

  • Amanda Ashton-Booth Amanda Ashton-Booth
    I have had the pleasure of getting to know Karolina over this last couple of months. She is beautiful inside and out. I have had a Theta Healing session with her and be overcame some blocks/limiting beliefs that I had that was causing damage to my health. After the session I was so much lighter like she just removed weights from my shoulders. I will be booking again soon to make some more shifts to better my life.
  • Amanda Ashton-Booth Amanda Ashton-Booth The FibroPreneurs Share Their Thoughts From The Throne
    We had Karolina come on to our show and make a guest appearance for our audience to help then have more of an understanding about how Theta Healing can better there Fibromyalgia symptoms. Our viewers were that blown away that we had Karolina do a private show in our private group where she shared many helpful tools to assists in the healing process. If you even get the chance to have a session with this remarkable young woman then grab with both hands, "She is like sunshine ☀️ on a cloudy day⛅️ and she genuinely cares about you".
  • William William
    I have to confess that I was nervous about being open and transparent with Karolina... because I'm an introvert, and have kept my issues hidden for so long. All the ups and downs I've gone through. But my supposedly "hidden" issues have forced themselves out into the open, and increasingly as the months have ticked past. Till I found myself in a place where I had to take action, and find a guide who could lead me out of the deep forest in which I was lost. Karolina "coincidentally" appeared. There are no coincidences in my experience. Karolina appeared on 10-Sept., because that is exactly when she needed to arrive, when I knew I needed a Guide. Someone experienced in leading lost souls out of their confusion.


    Are you like me? ...probably 🙂 the first thing I will share is that your concerns and issues will be patiently and sensitively solved by Karolina. I am sharing this with you, because Karolina has been (and continues to be) an insightful counselor and patient guide. You may be a business owner, as I am, and experiencing emotional highs and lows that interfere with your productivity, service delivery, client support, as well as your family life.


    How do I know? Because that's where I am right now, and Karolina is guiding me through the maze, and upgrading my mindset as we go. Am I grateful to have Karolina on my side? 100% yes! : -) and I highly recommend you allow Karolina to share a 20 minute session with you (at the time of this writing, that initial session is free).

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