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Welcome to the Mystical Journey program with


Hello beautiful soul,

I am so excited about our journey together! 🤗🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

A few notes for you…

Self Leadership – Planning ahead, being on time for all of our live events, and being in this program primarily for your own transformation.

No one will be checking up on you if you aren’t engaging with the participation level needed, because the energy of being dragged along or micro-managed limited the ignition of your own autonomous decision to be in the authorship of your own journey. Activating a higher level of accountability and self commitment is part of the program experience. Meeting links will be sent to you by email and also posted inside the community group – so it’s up to you to get yourself there, ready to receive it all.

To remind you of the next upcoming event, an email will be sent a few days prior and there will be a post in the community group. Beyond this, there will be no extra reaching out to chase individual people to attend. Please mark your calendar:

  • 15th of January at 1pm EST/ 6pm UK
  • 29th of January at 1pm EST/ 6pm UKm- additional
  • 19th of February at 1pm EST/ 6pm UK
  • 5th of March at 1pm EST/ 6pm UK- additional
  • 19th of March at 1pm EST/ 6pm UK

Access to the modules and recordings are available for 3 months after finishing the program to support your revision.

Personal transformation through self leadership is the flavour of this program- because it’s the best way to prepare yourself for a new way of living and leading from our own embodied example as women.

This sacred adventure is a significant personal transformation opportunity. 

There is always an element of mystery within the transformation process, and sometimes what eventuates is quite different or more amazing that can be known at first. As you build deeper connection with the version of you who has already accomplished her personal outcome, I will be here to guide you, and our intimate community of women will be here supporting you too. 

Live Group Meetings

Monthly group meetings are 3-4 hours long, including a few short breaks. Make sure to eat before or after our events so you are fully present. Snacks and cups of tea are best to happen in the breaks, before, or after – not during. Our meetings can be intensive and focused, not casual – ignite your 125% commitment energy!

It’s important to schedule this time out in advance so you can get the most out of this whole process.

Recordings of all the group meetings will be available on a membership site within a few days of a live meeting. It is necessary to attend live to all scheduled events if you want to make the most of this program.

Women’s Circle Protocol  

For creating a safe sacred space online 

* The protocol is for creating safety and depth although we meet online. The intention is to treat this just like a live-in-person women’s circle. This is not a casual event like a regular social conversation. Please respect the ritual space.

* Arrival must happen on time, before we start the grounding- ( I will not be able to admit the person during the grounding at the beginning of the call, you will have to wait).

* Staying present for the duration of the call is necessary.

* Be prepared by closing other computer programs like social media, notifications & email before we start.

* Be in a contained, non-public environment to limit visual distraction on camera.

* Videos stay on to limit visual distraction for deeper holding of each woman’s sharing. Do not turn videos on and off once we begin.

* Confidentiality of everyone’s sharing and identity is essential.

* This helps create safety, freedom of expression and focus for deeper circle sharing than what gets to happen inside sessions.

Private Sessions

Make sure to be ready and in the zone for your session before it begins. Set your sacred space, tune in and reflect before we get on zoom. 

It is best to be in a still, indoor space for private sessions, in case we do deep healing which does need containment for it to be effective. Being in public spaces is known to limit the depth of what can arise. It is quite an intimate journey, where you can be assured of confidentiality from me with all that you courageously share. The more you are willing to let me feel where you are at, the more I can tune into the precise kind of support that would help you the most.

These confidential private sessions can involve a dynamic quantum style of mentoring/ coaching/ somatic therapy, and it can involve therapeutic inner healing such as trauma therapy – whatever is most attuned to your process in the moment. The primary intention for these sessions is to help you apply the course work to yourself.

WhatsApp Community Group

The community group is where to post your action steps and responses. It is also intended as a safe space for you to share how you feel along the way, and receive support from each other. It’s a great space to practice expressing and being seen in your fullness, which is maybe beyond who your current social circle knows you to be.

The easiest way for everyone to participate together is via WhatsApp! << Click the link to join us.

This community is a safe space for personal expression only. It is not for self-promotion or for giving unsolicited advice – just lots of encouragement and supportive presence. This allows everyone to feel safe and free to express themselves. It is welcome to post there for the sake of sharing, even if you are not answering an action step – feel free to make use of the space.

What is very important is to create a sacred space for you.

This space needs to be on the floor. Maybe use a yoga mat, blankets, cushions, flowers, cundles etc. This space is for you to drop into your body, slow down, connect with yourself on a deeper level and do practice.  You can also create a small altar with flowers, cundles etc around this sacred space. Before live calls or opening a new module, please first stop, go to your sacred space, feel yourself, do what you need to do to drop into your body and then go over the module or join live calls. Take a minimum of 15 to 30 min to prepare yourself before live calls or watching modules. This is not another course where you just go through the content or jump straight in from another activity, it is all about women embodiment and deprogramining on a soul/psychic level. 

I would like you to also purchase a raw power cacao or ceremonial cacao and use the cacao for our live calls and everytime you create time for yourself and go over the modules. The Cacao ceremony will help you to connect with your heart and make it more mystical and sacred.

There are many blogs about the Cacao ceremony.

Using a raw powder for creating delicious cacao is much easier and faster. Using the ceremonial cacao takes more time. You have to assess by yourself how much time and effort you want to put into this process and what your daily schedule is. 

Please invest in good bluetooth headphones as we will be doing different practices (movements) and I will be playing music, so it is essential that you have a good sound system. 

Also, please dedicate a journal just for this program. 

I look forward to seeing  you soon.

Big hug!

Karolina 💕