Magnificent YOU – 20x Workshop Recordings

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The ‘MAGNIFICENT YOU’ membership is the place to truly transform your life!

A place where energy healing and coaching come together to nourish your soul & liberate your limitations.
Giving you the freedom to embrace your wholeness.

This is a powerful container of self-growth. A monthly membership designed to fast track you to Divine Embodiment!
Be a part of something special, something sacred, something that can support you and awaken your magnificence.
All women are welcome. Start from where you are. Your beauty, your power, your fears and your questions are warmly invited.
Go deep and feel the feminine connection in our sacred women’s group online, monthly workshops and ongoing transformation.
Life-changing realisations will come to you effortlessly as your intuition awakens. Your life will fill up as you tap into your gifts and talents; feeling the ease and flow within YOU.
Because that’s what Living truly is – Flowing, NOT struggling!


In this membership you will learn to:

  • integrate your soul force to become magnificent and mystical
  • attract greater things into your life
  • learn to create high vibrational energy to invite more abundance into your life
  • become an unstoppable woman, mother and lightworker!


Each month we will concentrate on a particular theme; so that you can take control of each aspect of your life. Step-by-step.

From wealth to health, individuality to relationships, soul work to birthing manifestation into reality and sacred sexuality to pure magnificence!

These are themes worth our energy. True Transformation lies within.

PAST workshop recordings

  • The Flow Of Abundance
  • The Art of Manifesting Abundance
  • Balancing the Feminine and Masculine Energies; To Bring More Joy, Ease & Grace Into Your Life
  • Get Clarity to Make Your Dreams Come True
  • Manifest with Your Sexual Energy
  • Clearing Money Blockages
  • Opening the Heart for More Love
  • Embrace Your Inner Goddess: A Workshop for Women Ready to Shine
  • Forever Radiant: Embracing Youthfulness with Confidence
  • Summer Lovin’ Bootcamp: Transforming Your Love Life
  • Sacred Sexuality: Claiming Your Power and Potential
  • Unapologetically You: A Workshop to Embrace Your Authentic Self
  • Gazing into the Mirror: Confronting Your Inner Saboteur
  • Mending Heartache to Embrace Authentic Love
  • AMPLIFY FOR ABUNDANCE – Embracing the Universe’s Quantum Unveiling


PS: With joining now you will get access to all past workshops!



All sessions will aim to bring new awareness & motivation to step into your power and ultimately become the best version of you. 

You are warmly encouraged to access your superhumanness, cultivate your inner wisdom and become the master of your life! 

This will allow you to inspire and influence those around you, causing a ripple effect.



Calling all Awakening Souls who are feeling the pull to do great life work; but know that continued support with your growth from powerfully aligned women, will keep you on the right path.

Deeply experience monthly alignments, activations, encouragement and a new vision to achieve your deepest desires. As a group we will hold space, encourage and celebrate you.

This sacred membership women’s group will support you in your journey home, to yourself.

& the transformation of your one precious life!

You are ready.. Come and join us now.



An amazing private Telegram Group to connect, share and shine on each other.



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I am calling out to Awakened souls who are feeling the pull to do great life work but are needing monthly alignments, activations, encouragement and a new vision to achieve it. As a group we will hold space, encourage and celebrate you.

So much more cost effective than a private 1:1 session, this membership will allow me to support you in your journey home to yourself -ultimate transformation of your one precious life!

Are you ready?