Embracing your Feminine Power

People are looking up to YOU whether you realize it or not! Yes darling YOU!

The challenge is, most of us women have only been modelled masculine leadership. We’ve been taught that being powerful means being domineering, overworking and never having any fun.

And playing by these overly masculine rules is how women like us end up burnt out, used up and giving up on our big dreams!

Thank God those days are over. 🙃🙃🙃🙃

Feminine Power
How connecting with your Feminine Power can change your Life.


Feminine Leadership is the new and life-changing skill-set that empowers you to make your dreams happen without blowing out your adrenals.

It encompasses the arts of communication and delegation, and the ability to balance productivity AND pleasure.


  • 1.Be the Heroine, Not the Victim of Your Life. In any situation, you are in, focus on where you have power rather than where you do not.

       You are a powerful creator. You have everything you need to realize the greatest possibility of my life.


  • 2.Live the Truth of Who You Are. Shift who you are being and how you are showing up to reflect the truth of who you are and you will be forever liberated from the patterns of the past.

      Yes, you are a powerful, capable woman and turn all of your wisdom, compassion and resources toward the parts of you that need to grow up so that you can show up as my most empowered self.


  • 3.Stop Strategizing and Start Listening. Listen to your deepest desires, they are the whisper of life’s wishes for you. Take action on your inner guidance. Trust that life is organizing around your success.


  • 4.You Can’t Become Yourself by Yourself. When you are experiencing a challenge, rather than feeling inadequate, say to yourself, “Who can I call to ask for help?”

        Darling,the more support you receive, the more powerful you become.


  • 5.Be the Light and Reflect the Light. The next time you meet a powerful woman, rather than being intimidated or feeling competitive, befriend her.

      Yes, let’s celebrate the radiance and power within yourself and other women.


  • 6.Be Who You Would be if Your World Changed. Create your future by showing up in the present as the women you would be in the fulfilment of your desires.

    Yes darling, your consciousness, not your circumstances, creates the future of your life.


  • 7.Like it or Not,You are the Leader. 


Rather than be victimized by the disempowered behaviour of others or breakdowns in the world, see yourself as the leader in every situation with the power to empower and influence the outcome of events.


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She is a Theta healing practitioner and Let Love In coach who uses a combination of energy healing modalities to help women connect with themselves so they can manifest love in their lives or deepen the bond with their current partners.