Mystical Journey 2024 – Extended

1100 $

Spaces are limited for only 10 women!!!





Mystical Journey is a voyage of profound transformation, one that takes you deep into the soul’s core. It’s like weaving a connection with feminine medicine that already pulses within us, linking us to our spiritual self and the expansive realms of multidimensionality.

Imagine it as a process of rebirth, blossoming anew on multiple levels. There’s nothing quite like it out there – it’s a unique, transformative experience that speaks to the very essence of who we are.

This journey unfurls through powerful 1-on-1 Quantum Healing sessions. These deep dives take us beneath the surface, exploring traumas, limiting beliefs, ancestral connections, and inviting spiritual upgrades. It’s an all-encompassing exploration, touching on every facet of your being.

Seven group sessions offer the opportunity to learn potent energy clearings, elevating you on both energetic and spiritual planes. You’ll discover how to dance with the transformative energies of Eve and Lilith, embracing embodiment practices that will guide you through life’s every twist and turn.

Additionally, you’ll receive four remote advanced clearings. These master-level sessions focus on dispelling curses, black magic, entities, psychic attacks, and attached spirits. It’s about powerful shielding, working on DNA level, and creating a protective aura around you.

Two women’s circle sessions will teach you how to speak from a deep, authentic place within your body, even from your soul level and different dimensions. These calls can leave you breathless, as they transcend the cognitive realm. The energy conjured during these sessions is pure magic – something you’d have to experience to truly understand.

Throughout this journey, you’ll find yourself enveloped in layers of support, creating a powerful vortex of transformation. This is the Mystical Journey, a path of profound change and soulful awakening. Join us, and let’s explore the magical unknown together.

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Spaces are limited for only 10 women!!!