Transform Your Life with
Karolina Blaszkiewicz

3 Days of Free Coaching for Women

Are you ready to change your life in the fastest way possible?
Join the 3-day free coaching program, HEAL & REWIRE, where you’ll be guided through powerful techniques to heal and rewire your mind. This transformative journey will help you feel more confident, gain clarity on your next steps, and uncover and overcome your blockages.

What You’ll Learn?

Uncover Sabotaging Unconscious ProgramsUnderstand how these hidden programs affect every part of your life, from attracting the wrong relationships to being underpaid and dealing with health issues.
Heal Your Body and MindLearn how to heal your body and get unstuck from any situation with powerful energy clearings and activations.
Set Goals for Happiness and SuccessDiscover the right way to set goals that lead to true happiness and success (most women do this incorrectly).

What’s Included?

Powerful Energy Clearings and ActivationsExperience deep healing through orbs and teachings designed to reset your energy and mindset.
Daily Coaching SessionsI will coach you through these transformative practices from June 14th to 16th or July 11th to 13th at 8 am PDT /11 am EDT / 4 pm UK.
Supportive CommunityConnect with like-minded women ready to bring positive changes to their lives.

Who Should Join?

Women who know it’s time for a change but don’t know where to start.
Women ready to bring healing to their body and life.
Women open to experiencing new ways to create life changes.

About Me

I’m Karolina Blaszkiewicz, a mentor, teacher, author, and energy healer. I help women restore wholeness in their system in a very unique way. I used to suffer from depression for over 15 years, had panic attacks and anxiety since childhood, and healed my endometriosis in just 6 weeks. I’ve experienced severe abuse as a child, which led me to seek faster ways to heal. My spiritual awakening over 12 years ago set me on the path to doing what I do today.
Transformative Healing and Empowerment

Dates and How to Sign Up?

🗓️ June 14th to 16th
🗓️ July 12th to 14th
🕓 Time: 8 am PDT / 11 am EDT / 4 pm UK
To sign up for this free coaching and powerful energy clearing, simply message me  “HEAL & REWIRE” by clicking the button below and I will add you to the special Messenger chat group for this event.


Send me a message here via e-mail
If you’re unsure if you can join the events, you can sign up for my free ebook “How to Manifest Anything for Women”.

IMPORTANT! Spaces are limited, so please only sign up if you can fully commit and participate in this transformative journey.

Join us and take the first step towards a more confident, clear, and empowered you!

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