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Oct 14

Gazing into the Mirror: Confronting Your Inner Saboteur

October 14 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm CEST

$44 – $66
gazing into the mirror

Within each of us resides a shadow, a facet that pulls us downward, diminishes our worth, sows doubt, and gradually chips away at our being, nurturing the seeds of addiction.


I sense your awareness of your magnificence, your loftiest potential. Yet, I also recognize the presence of the saboteur within, a weight to bear on your voyage toward your fate.

How frequently have you felt the fervent ‘yes’ of your spirit, only to crumble, ensnared once more in your personal shadows?

The time has come to meet this aspect of yourself head-on! Are you prepared for this transformative encounter?

Step into a shamanic-style workshop designed to guide you through the depths of your shadows, reshaping them into wellsprings of strength aligned with the purpose of your soul.

Throughout our workshop, you shall be beckoned to a mirror, your focus honed on your eyes—gateways to your soul—revealing the enshrouded shadows of your inner saboteur.

This expedition promises intensity, yet I sense the readiness and necessity among some of you.

During this 90-minute workshop, you shall:

  • Confront aspects of yourself that you’ve evaded, cast aside.
  • Cultivate unwavering courage toward your shadows, wresting control from their grip over your life.
  • Acquire potent tools for transformation, enabling you to harness the profound potency of your soul’s depths.
  • Uncover the lessons and blessings from your saboteur, the catalyst for negative motivation, channeled for benevolence within your existence.
  • Plunge into the depths of your soul, rediscovering your authentic self.
  • Encompasses energy clearings, activations, alignments, and enhancements.
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Saturday, 14th October 2023, @ 8.00 am PST, 11.00 am EST, 4.00 pm UK time, 17.00 h CET, 2.00 am Sydney time next day (Sunday)


October 14
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm CEST
$44 – $66
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