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May 13

Embrace Your Inner Goddess: A Workshop for Women Ready to Shine

May 13 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm CEST

$44 – $66
Embrace Your Inner Goddess

Welcome to your Womb Wisdom Activation, a transformative workshop designed for women who are ready to explore and embrace the wildness and power of their sacred womb. 


Within your inner temple lies a powerful force of energy that is creative, intuitive, life-giving, and deeply intuitive. This force is intimately linked to a sacred energy that flows through all women, connecting us to the ancient wisdom that has existed since the dawn of time.


Unfortunately, many women carry negative energy, trauma, birth tragedies, anger, abuse, abortion and heartbreak within their womb space from past experiences and relationships.


This powerful 120-minute Womb Wisdom Activation workshop is here to help you release those energies and unlock the sacred wildness of your inner temple. Through womb clearing and activation, you will unite your heart and womb, unlocking the sensual power of your body, allowing it to bloom and flourish with powerful energy.


During this workshop, you will:


  • Embrace the true voice of your inner self and connect with your deepest desires.
  • Find the ultimate heartbreak remedy with a special transformative clearing meditation, allowing you to let go of past pain and open yourself up to love once more.
  • Unleash the sensual power of your body by uniting your heart and your womb, allowing your femininity to blossom and flourish.
  • Activate your body and embrace the full potential of your wild womb, opening yourself up to the divine creative and orgasmic power within you.
  • Give your inner temple a fresh start with a powerful womb clearing & activation, designed to cleanse you of abuse, self-shame, negative energy, birth/pregnancy trauma and any trauma from past relationships and experiences.
  • Explore the mysteries of your womb as you learn to communicate, connect, and be guided by this powerful center of feminine energy.
  • Discover how unlocking the wild power of your womb is the key to unleashing your radiant divinity, and let your true self shine in all its glory.
  • Learn how the longest nerve in your body, the vagus nerve, connects from your brain to your cervix and discover the powerful effect this has on your ability to relax and let go.
  • Unlock the sacred force of your sexual energy, allowing you to always feel the magic of being in love with yourself and your body.


You will discover how to let the energy of your womb express and manifest, freeing your radiant divinity. 


Join us for this powerful Womb Wisdom Activation, and experience a new connection to the deep power of your inner temple and embrace the wildness that lies within. 


I can’t wait to go on this journey with you!

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Saturday, 13th May 2023, @ 8.00 am PST, 11.00 am EST, 4.00 pm UK time, 17.00 h CET, 1.00 am Sydney time next day (Sunday)


May 13
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm CEST
$44 – $66
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